Thursday, March 11, 2021

Suspending Twitter

Who was it who said:  "any advances in technology are just future tax evasion schemes"?:  tweet (Tim Swanson): 

"tldr mechanics of money laundering with NFT art:

Known account with large tax liability buys it from unknown account. Known account resells to 3rd account for significantly lower price realizing a loss that offsets previous tax liabilities.

rinse and repeat with oneself too."

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) (Twitter not good with irony):
"After blocking numerous public figures, including former US President Donald Trump, Twitter has suddenly becomes concerned about the "public conversation" in response to Russia slowing down the site & its stock value sliding by 4% yesterday."
Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) (intellectual flexibility is a key component in today's fast-paced world of 'journalism'):
"Before he joined the US think tank racket (NATO's @AtlanticCouncil adjunct & arms contractor lobby group @cepa), @MaximEristavi worked for Голос России (Voice of Russia), which is now known as @SputnikInt
A Russian state-funded news service. 
Just fancy that!"
Greenawald attacked the snowflake criticism-rebuffing strategy of some JYT 'journalist', and has been under attack, along with fellow travelers Tracey and Carlson, from other snowflake 'journalists' ever since.  Any criticism of their product is 'harassment'.  It is curious to see a group who have battled through years of sexist belittling to suddenly play the woman card and start boo hoo hooing when their work is subject to criticism.  Are women as capable of doing the job, do they require special protections, or what?
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