Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Imperial temptations

"They’re Not Even Trying to Make Sense Now" (Armstrong).   "Master List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus" (Taibbi).

"The Iran-China Axis Is A Fast Growing Force In Oil Markets" (Messler).

"U.S. tries to break Iran nuclear deadlock with new proposal for Tehran" (Toosi).  Every word in the headline is a lie.

"More at Stake for Iran and China than just a Trade Deal" (O'Neill).  Heroin and the CIA.

"Requiem for the ‘American Century’" (Bacevich):

"The longest war in U.S. history should by now have led Americans to reflect on the consequences that stem from succumbing to imperial temptations in a world where empire has long since become obsolete. Some might insist that present-day Americans have imbibed that lesson. In Washington, hawks appear chastened, with few calling for Biden to dispatch U.S. troops to Yemen or Myanmar or even Venezuela, our oil-rich “neighbor,” to put things right. For now, the nation’s appetite for military intervention abroad appears to be sated.

But mark me down as skeptical. Only when Americans openly acknowledge their imperial transgressions will genuine repentance become possible. And only with repentance will avoiding further occasions to sin become a habit. In other words, only when Americans call imperialism by its name will vows of “never again” deserve to be taken seriously."

"Biden's Ukrainian "Putin Push" May Lead To World War III" (Wilds).  You can see why Ukraine has a Khazar leader, as Khazars are notorious for not caring about anybody other than other Khazars, so the inevitable deaths of very many Ukrainians won't bother him in the least.  One of the dynamic parts of planning for WWIII - for this is what we're seeing - is the economic hit to Ukraine once Nord Stream 2 is completed.

"“Poor Rich Haiti”: How Imperialists and Local Oligarchy Have Sought to Destroy Haitian Agriculture" (Rivara).

"The British ambassador who supported a coup" (Curtis/Kennard).

"U.S. Government Turns Somalia Into Failed State to Steal Its Oil for Shell and Exxon-Mobil" (Alexandrov).

"Antisemitism definition to take center stage at NDP convention" (Engler).  These 'socialists' take the shekels.  Every.  Single.  Time.  There is literally no chance they will do the right thing.  They are simply disgusting.

"Who are the Israel lobbyists that want David Miller fired?" (Winstanley).  One of the most striking things about Khazar Zionists is how hate-filled and unlikeable they are, right on the surface.  It is the main reason why they will eventually lose, shekels notwithstanding.  Any normal, decent person is immediately disgusted by any of these thugs.  The weirdest thing is that they have no clue about how they are perceived, and think of themselves as completely loveable.

The two Fords:  "Two Ambassadors to Syria with Wildly Different Analyses" (Sterling).

"Ending his 20-year captivity, Israel rearrests Majd Barbar after one day of his release".

"The AstraZeneca Vaccine and the Proof That We Are Part of an Unprecedented Medical Experiment" (Viable Opposition).  The sausage-making and PR behind the restrictions in Canada on the 'vaccine' that is causing all the fatal blot clots.

"Austria's Kurz Derides EU's "Geopolitical Blinkers" On Vaccine, Confirms Talks For Sputnik V" (Durden).  "Slovak PM steps down over Sputnik V vaccine deal scandal".

"Whistleblower: Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic”" (Krebs).  They got away with their deception!  So far.

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