Tuesday, March 02, 2021

This sleek new world

Twitter has reached levels of cancellation which are beyond comical.  It is as if it is so connected to the national security state that it cannot help committing suicide as a platform.  I'm guessing the wrecking of Gab, thus removing the most prominent alternative, is connected.

Tweet (Orinoco Tribune):

"Anyone reading our account just for one day will know that we are not A ROBOT. But apparently for @Twitter that is not the case. So they suspended our account. We noticed it fast and PROVED them we are not a robot, but we do not believe in coincidences. Any advise welcome!!!Anyone reading our account just for one day will know that we are not A ROBOT. But apparently for @Twitter that is not the case. So they suspended our account. We noticed it fast and PROVED them we are not a robot, but we do not believe in coincidences. Any advise welcome!!!"

Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"another russian-american — a great guy who i know in real life — gets banned by twitter, right after he published a great look at navalny's early activism in russian nationalist circles. what a shitty fucking platform you built here, @jack."
Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"so cool twitter takes the side of azerbaijan against armenia. totally normal nato platform you got here @jack."
I always thought Birgitta was one of the good ones, but I was tragically misinformed.  Tellingly curious 'mission creep' for Bellingcat, who may be shifting to four years of Democrat PR.

Tweet (The Grayzone):
"Wikipedia articles reinforcing the official narrative on coup attempts across Latin America and on the Douma deception would also be demolished, which is why we were listed as a "deprecated source" by a consortium of neocons in violation of the site's rules"
Tweet (TassosMorfis):
"Facebook is deleting posts of photojournalists in #Greece, here it's @lolosmarios. There's a massive wave of censorship regarding the #koufodinas_hungerstrike. This is insane."
"Big Tech Needs Better Law | Opinion" (Shrier) (my emphasis in red) (this is striking considering the bizarre norms Big Tech is now enforcing, and even more striking as only a few years ago Big Tech would have been cancelling those who attacked feminism - it kinda makes you have a new appreciation for the idea that all thinking should be protected, as you never know on which side of the arbitrary, shifting line you will be found to be):
"This week, British feminist blogger Kellie-Jay Keen received a surprise email from Zoom: "We've detected an issue with your account that violated our Terms of Service and Community Standards" regarding "hateful conduct." The email primly informed her that "there is no place on Zoom" for anyone who threatens or harasses others on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease.

The dummy text concluded with an ominous warning likely to strike panic in any mother of school-age children: "Please note that further violations may result in the permanent suspension of your Zoom account."

What was Keen's "hateful conduct?" Zoom never said—as these tech companies rarely do. The purpose of the tech giants' Star Chamber is not to inform, but to instill fear. To encourage self-censorship. To persuade you to reform yourself—so that the overlords have no cause to visit you once more."
"Like a school of fish, these firms move seamlessly together, cleverly darting in the same direction. Lawyers representing those who have been injured by their censorship—Parler's lawyers, for example—hunt in vain for the proof of coordination that the law demands but which Big Tech does not require and is too smart to leave behind.

Our clumsy laws—which never envisioned a force more powerful or repressive than the government—have little purchase in this sleek new world
where, in an instant, books vanish from shelves. Videos are deleted from YouTube's theater. Troublesome feminists, like Kellie-Jay Keen, are booted off Twitter. All without explanation or recourse. What was Kellie-Jay's sin? Twitter never informed her. "'One day, I just couldn't log in," she told me. "But I'm pretty sure I know why that might be. You know, basically saying, 'women don't have penises.' You know, same old, same old." 
If she'd been excluded from a traditional common carrier that the law recognized, like an airline, someone like Keen might have a case. If the government had explicitly directed her expulsion from Zoom, and Keen were a U.S. citizen, she'd have a case then, too. Instead, the new administration airily issues orders on "gender identity," signaling the view it favors, and Big Tech arrives, lightning-fast, at the dissident's door. Happy coincidences abound. And the law keeps mum."
"Taibbi: In Defense Of Substack".

I'm trying to get my head around just how much manpower is being used to swat down wrongthink, and how Big Tech is integrated into the processes of the national security state.  Of course, there are so many tweets and posts that almost all cancellation is prompted by snitches, and Snitch Culture is the new norm:  "Welcome to Snitch Nation: From kids to parents, it’s a race to rat out your (former) loved ones before they get you first" (Buyniski) ('infodemic').  Every 'good citizen' now works for the CIA, NSA, FBI . . .  Everybody now lives in East Germany in the 60s (your required loyalty to the party beats any loyalty you might think you have to your family).  Success is snitching.  The best thing is that they keep switching up the norms, so you have to live in constant terror that you will fall on the wrong side of the line, just as if you supported a politician who fell out of favor and was airbrushed out of the picture.  This encourages caution, for fear of stepping over the imaginary line. I suppose I shouldn't mention that it was the Khazars who created this entire model of cancellation around their holocaust religion and denialism.

Superb list here of national-security-state-connected - well, most of them; the others are just green-brown types, or idiots - academics (see Reddit), for future reference.

Tweet (folu):
"I have never actually read a tweet. I see the letters on the screen or maybe even the little picture but my brain just mimics processing the information. 
this is how I stay sane"


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