Thursday, March 18, 2021

Too much head

"January 6 Narrative Collapse: Assault Charges Spell Problems for DOJ, FBI in Officer Sicknick Case" (Revolver).

"Brazil’s Lula in a wilderness of mirrors" (Escobar) (also at Unz).  "Lula’s Return and the Arrival of Sputnik V Change the Brazilian Political Scenario" (Leiroz de Almeida).

Gab (Infrequent):

"A lot of liberal Whites have bought into the idea that they shouldn't have children, either because they see them as an obstacle to their complete hedonism or they refrain because their White guilt makes them see having White children as immoral. The few liberal Whites who have children have one child and raise them gender neutral or gay, ensuring that their genes are unlikely to be carried forward. A lot of White people having children now are fascists, whether they identify with that label or not. We basically have de facto eugenics for the White race in the West at this point."

Tweet ($ean P. McCarthy):

"Probably the whitest shit possible is murdering women because of sexual frustration but being adamant that you are doing so in a color blind manner"

Tweet (Steve):

"So much of the doubting of the killers stated motives is based around the idea that a guy who killed 8 people is too scared to admit he’s racist"

Ian Goodrum tries to answer a simple question.

Assholia is a country where even the mass murderers are woke, really woke.

"US Notifies China It Will Enforce Trump-Era Sanctions On Iran Oil Shipments" (Durden).  Enforce?

"Uncle Shmuel Is Truly Brain Dead…" (The Saker).

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Putin and his army of trolls have tricked Americans into believing that Hunter Biden taking an $80k a month gig from an oligarch in a country where his dad presided over a coup is a bad thing. 

If it weren’t for Putin’s meddling, we’d all celebrate Hunter as a savvy entrepreneur"
Bottom line is she just doesn't agree with the points of view of some of the other writers:  "Here's why Substack's scam worked so well" (Newitz) (similar).  There is also some jealousy that Substack is using paid 'star' ringers to promote the platform.

Tweet (Sonia Kennebeck):
"My new film UNITED STATES VS. REALITY WINNER is about #RealityWinner who disclosed one document about Russian election interference to the media and received the longest prison sentence ever imposed on a #whistleblower in federal court: 63 months."
Tweets by Keith Lee:
"1/  Here is a #legalethics / #collegefootball thread. 
If you're in criminal court the week after an unexpected #LSU loss, you're likely going to get a longer sentence - especially if you're a young black man."

Tweet (xX_DickBalls_Xx42069):

"this is the worst tweet i have ever seen"


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