Friday, March 12, 2021

Weirdo freak leftist wokescolds

Tweets by $ean P. McCarthy:

"Huffington post layoffs are best understood as a military downsizing after the war is won. Liberal outlets hired hyper woke leftists and dox campaign journos to both harass the right and poison the well for any sort of working class left. Mission accomplished.

Weirdo freak leftist wokescolds are the most valuable hires in the neoliberal machine. Universal healthcare has to be associated with going into people’s houses and screaming at them if they’re laughing at the wrong stand up comedian. Make it completely repulsive to normal people" 

Tweet (Zaid Jilani):
"More and more people are claiming that disagreement makes them unsafe. This is pre-Enlightenment stuff. Not good."
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