Wednesday, March 10, 2021

What is the Difference?

Tweets by Katharine Quinn-Judge:

"A group of prominent current and former Ukrainian officials are holding a roundtable on Donbas and Crimea right now. The leader of the  

Neo Nazi NazKorpus party points out that sometimes it's unavoidable/okay to wage war in civilian areas: the US did it in Iraq.

Also, here's a screenshot of the panel. This is not some arcane discussion of military theory. It's a discussion  about how Ukraine might go about getting back two lost territories with a total population about 5 million people." 

Tweet (B'Tselem בצלם بتسيلم):
"Five children between the ages of 8-12 were detained about an hour ago by the Israeli army after gathering wild vegetables near the settlement Havat Maon"
"Palestinians in Israel protest police brutality, neglect" (Nassar).

Tweet (Alan MacLeod):
 After failing to qualify for the final round of voting, Yaku Perez, who Western media (even some alternative, leftist outlets) present as a friendly ecosocialist, has called for the army to effectively stage a military coup and seize control over the Electoral Council."
Tweet (Whitney Webb):
"Patreon @PatreonSupport has moved to suspend my account due to alleged "misinformation", but they have been unable to give my a single example of misinfo, instead leaving that part of the email completely blank."
"Biden’s awkward threat of retaliatory cyber attacks belies US uncertainty and insecurity on all things Russia" (Ritter).

"Govt-Linked CSIS Urges DC to Partner With Social Media Firms to ‘Promote Protests Movements’" (MacLeod).  Another example of saying the quiet bit out loud.

"To Mask or Not to Mask - What is the Difference?" (Viable Opposition).
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