Saturday, March 27, 2021


"The Return Of The Quiet American" (Carden).  I thought this was very nicely written. 

"Iran, China to sign cooperation document, says Spox".  25 years should easily outlive the failing Empire.

"Russia and China Are Sending Biden a Message: Don’t Judge Us or Try to Change us. Those Days Are Over" (Kevin).

"The Benefits of Détente" (Robinson).  Détente contrasts sharply with the anti-détente of (((Blinken))) and (((Biden's teleprompter))).

"NATO Headquarters: Blinken Announces Last Global Crusade" (Rozoff).

"Hawkish Iran letter falls flat in the Senate" (Petti).  More shekels and blackmail, immediately!

"To Western Media, Prosecuting Bolivian Coup Leaders Is Worse Than Leading a Coup" (Emersberger).  Particularly striking when you consider what the Assholian government is doing to the tourists who were let in the Capitol by the authorities.  HRW, acting as usual.

"The Meme God That Failed: Suez Crash Was Not Caused by First Woman Captain From Egypt" (revolver).  Lots of debunking.  More 'wind'!  Why won't they name the captain?  I'm not saying it was, but this would be a clever act of terrorism.  All the complex fluid dynamics explanations for how it happened don't explain how it never happened before, with thousands and thousands of ships.

Remember Greenwald had a run-in with some 'journalist', who comically tried to swat him down with an harassment claim?  As you would expect, the issue is metastasizing.  "Criticism of Ideas Is Not Harassment" (Boghossian).

"Greenwald: CNN's Defense Of Chris Cuomo's Special COVID Privileges Is Grotesque".  Cuomo Nepotism Network.

The (((media))) is covering this case, miraculously, but unenthusiastically.  "Fast-acting worker thwarts man with six guns in Atlanta grocery store: cops" (Fonrouge).  It being a normal day in Assholia, there is some discussion whether he did anything for which he could be charged.

"Fast Food Giant Claims Credit For Killing $15 Minimum Wage" (Bragman/Perez/Sirota).

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