Sunday, March 07, 2021


Kennard and Maté on Bellingcat (who actually participates in the thread, albeit as an ad for himself!).

"Russia & China’s partnership not only about ‘containing’ American aggression, also vital for creation of multi-polar world order" (Diesen):

"The US is confronted with a dilemma as its relative power declines. Washington can accommodate a multipolar world order and use its leverage to maintain its leadership as the “first among equals”. Alternatively, the US can attempt to prolong its domineering role by containing rising powers, although then the new institutions will be without US influence and in opposition to the US.  

The US has gone with the second option, which has predictably resulted in the Russia-China strategic partnership intensifying and taking on anti-American characteristics. Yet, the partnership is not dependent on anti-American sentiments. The changing international distribution necessitates Russia and China to deepen economic connectivity and construct institutions for a multipolar Greater Eurasian Region."

"Cornel West says Harvard donors establish ‘taboo’ on criticism of Israel (and NYT buries that angle)" (Weiss).  Touching the third rail in mentioning (((donors))).

The Assholes want to completely surround the eastern half of China with missiles pointed at China, all for the low price of 27.3 billion dollars:  "Top Pentagon Commander Requests Astronomical Sum of Money to Prepare for War with China" (Becker).  Following on this:  "Enough Already: No New ICBMs" (Kimball):
"Biden can start by directing his team to put on hold the Pentagon’s scheme to develop, test, and deploy beginning in 2029 a new fleet of 400 land-based, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). If pursued, the new missile would cost in excess $264 billion over its anticipated 50-year life cycle. 
The new weapon—the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD)—is just one part of the staggeringly expensive plan left over from the Trump era to replace and upgrade the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal at a projected cost of upward of $1.5 trillion over the next quarter-century."
Plus, they've just announced that the F-35 - over a trillion dollars in total costs -  is a flaming piece of crap (often, literally), and will need to be replaced at some astronomical cost.  So I have to ask the Assholes:  "Are ya winning, son?"
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