Wednesday, March 10, 2021

You f-----g k--- b----

"A Houthi Spring of Unseen Activity" (South Front).  This is how they are going to win, not by relying on the mythological idea of western humanitarianism, or the even more bizarre idea that some Khazar somewhere has a conscience.  "Biden Is Still a Hawk on Yemen" (Ketler).  But why, er, (((why)))?

This is looking increasingly like the road to WWIII (certainly not China, and even not Iran, which risks too much oil price instability, not to mention the romantic sight of Rockets Over Tel Aviv):  "Chaos in Ukraine Is Making an Epic Comeback" (South Front).

"A 2021 Flowchart for American Hegemony" (Corbley).

"French schoolgirl, 13, admits MAKING UP story that sparked hate campaign resulting in teenage Jihadi beheading teacher Samuel Paty" (Mitchell).  The father appears to be the real villain, though you always have to wonder with this sort of thing whether the Saudis were involved.

Tweet (Kristy Swanson):
"I can understand Ozzy Osbourne better than I can Joe Biden."
"President Biden's Aides Shut Down The Press At Today's Public Appearance" (War News Updater).  "'Weekend At Biden's?' Handlers Shut Down Yet Another Q&A After Public Appearance" (Durden).  Tweet (Benny):
"The Media asks Biden if there’s a crisis at the Border:

Biden stands there looking confused while his handlers chase the reporters out of the room.

Is this the “refreshing” transparency we were told about?"
I wonder what the official Dem position is on elder abuse?

Bronfman rules for a bronfmanocracy:  "‘Do not refer to Palestine or show a map with Palestine as a country’ — the CBC’s Orwellian rules" (Kawas).  The CBC has an overtly racist style guide (so we get to see the (((limits))) of wokenness).  According to the CBC, the word 'Palestine' is a swear.

"On the 10th anniversary of Libyan war, the New York Times covers up crimes of imperialism" (Van Auken).  And (((why))), exactly, did the JYT decide it had to obfuscate the reasons we are where we are today?  (((Why))), for that matter, did Assholia and its lackeys decide to wreck this particular country?

This is the Anglin hunter:  "Luke O’Brien Has Been Laid Off By Huff Post" ('Hunter Wallace').  ""Trump Slump": Waning Liberal Outrage Is Killing Antifa" (Striker):
"Aside from rich liberals getting bored with outrage clickbait, a number of other developments have put pressure on the Antifa/”SJW” industry. The popular patronage site Substack has allowed anti-woke leftist personalities that identity politics inquisitors thought they had canceled like Freddie DeBoer, Matt Taibbi, Michael Tracey and Glenn Greenwald to operate free of ideological commissars, billionaire donors and corporate sponsors.

There is nothing stopping the 47 laid off HuffPost journalists or the staff at the Intercept from opening up their own Substacks, but the problem is ordinary people don’t feel their opinions and “reporting” on who made a racist joke when they were in middle school is worth anything.

Also contributing to their crisis is that energy is leaving the intellectually oppressive environments of Twitter — where “SJWs” and “Antifa” are given an artificial advantage by CEOs and NGOs — for alternative apps like Clubhouse and Telegram that, while imperfect, tolerate a wider range of ideas and debate. 
Last but not least, the biggest pushback against the “Judeo-Left” is coming from other leftists themselve. Alexander Reid Ross and Shane Burley, two Jewish men who are some of the American Antifa movement’s most prominent ideologues, have been collaborating with the Zionist/neo-conservative Daily Beast to accuse socialists that are anti-war, anti-Israel or do not fear talking to people on the right of being National Bolsheviks and Third Positionists. Their article attacking various sensible figures such as Norman Finkelstein for writing for or Jimmy Dore for going on Tucker Carlson was widely panned, while Burley is now routinely humiliated and mocked by his own side."
Even though the (((pressure))) towards WWIII continues, relentlessly, which will result in the deaths of millions, 'kike' is still the last word I thought would become fashionable (and in Miami, too!), but I stand corrected:  "Miami Heat say Meyers Leonard will be "away from the team indefinitely" as NBA investigates use of anti-Semitic slur" (Goel).  Anglin explains the word (you'll have to use Tor or Brave to see it):
"The thing that I have to note, and it doesn’t matter because Leonard is already doom anyway, is that this proves that mainstream people, famous people you know, are exposed to our content.

“Kike” was not in normal usage before 4chan and the Daily Stormer started promoting it. I remember that when I first started using it in the early days, there were Jews calling it “retro,” and there were explainers that it was an old-fashioned derogatory term for a Jew.

I started using it because it is funny, but also because it has some meaningful history.

Jews who were coming over from Eastern Europe to America 100 or more years ago, and arriving for quarantine on Ellis Island, didn’t speak English. When they were told to sign an “x” on the forms, they refused, because they thought it was a Christian symbol, and they are fearful of any association with Our Lord Jesus. So instead of drawing the “x,” the Jews would draw a circle. This no doubt confused the staff processing these forms, and the Jews, not speaking English, would say “kikel,” which is the Yiddish word for “circle.”

So, the staff at Ellis Island started referring to them as “kikes,” and that then became a general term associated with Jews. Like all slurs, it wasn’t derogatory to begin with, but it became derogatory as a result of Jewish behavior."
"H.R.1 (the “For the People Act”) Legitimizes WaPo’s McCarthy-ite PropOrNot “Reporting,” Institutionalizes Ballot Marking Devices, and Cripples Minor Parties" (Strether). A lot of this bill is excellent, if they can take out the killing of third parties, the comical Russiagate crap, and the encouragement of fraudulent postal ballot dumping.

Family Guy.  Queen.  Click on the picture to see the whole thing.

We might be able to forgive the banjos, but we can never forgive an apology
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