Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Tweet (Kevin Gallagher):

"Did you ever hear the tragedy of Derek Chauvin the relaxed? A Minneapolis police officer so powerful and so racist that he could commit murder negligently and intentionally at the same time. Racism is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be impossible." 

The result is incoherent, involving his having to have held inconsistent levels of intent at the same time, and a brave appeals court might order a new trial just on that basis, not to mention the contempt of court of so many politicians, especially announcing the millions to be paid to the family on the eve of the trial.

"Chauvin received three guilty verdicts for one crime. Here’s why and what it means for his sentence." (Bazelon, of the infamous, Early Lifer, and probably mobbed up, Bazelons).  Unconvincing, and even she seems to have a vague realization that something is seriously wrong:
"An appeals court could disagree with this analysis and throw out one or more of the counts." 
The point of the multiple charges was to ensure that Chauvin didn't walk a free man - so much of this is driven purely by fruitless attempts to limit the rioting! - should the jury balk at the higher levels of intent required for the more serious charges.  I blame the judge for allowing the incoherence to take place.  This degree of confusion over the main issue really can't be fixed by excising two charges, but I doubt any appeals court would want to be responsible for the degree of rioting if they did their jobs and ordered a new trial.

"Chauvin Guilty Verdict Completes the Total Collapse of Law, Order, and Due Process in Biden’s America" (revolver):
"Trial judge Peter Cahill refused to sequester the jury pool. Every juror was free to see Minneapolis hit by its third wave of riots after the accidental shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center (in fact, one of the jurors lives in Brooklyn Center). Every juror could hear Rep. Maxine Waters demand a more “confrontational” approach from demonstrators if they gave the wrong verdict. Every juror could read The New York Times article profiling them, sending the unsubtle message that if they didn’t convict, they’d be the next targets of the mob.
All the jurors clearly would have been in legitimate fear for their lives had there been an acquittal, and literally every effort possible was made by the (((media))) to ensure they did not miss the danger they were in.

I write this as someone who thinks Chauvin showed a reckless lack of concern for Floyd in his refusal to get Floyd properly detained and out of the knee hold, and allow him medical attention. He was guilty, but this was a clumsy show trial.
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