Saturday, April 24, 2021

Damage control

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):

"So, it appears Alexey Navalny got the medical treatment he was asking for on Tuesday? 

But didn't tell anyone, and allowed protests to take place yesterday demanding he receive access to doctors?

A lot of people who marched may well feel they have been taken for fools..." 

"Sanctions Are Destroying U.S. Dollar's Status as World's Top Currency" (O'Conner).  Newsweek!

"Putin Isn’t Bluffing on Ukraine" (McGovern).  The first rule of geopolitics should be that you can never bully a country into accepting what it perceives as existential threats.

"House Sergeant-at-Arms ordered security barricades moved the day before January 6 attack on the Capitol" (Crosse).  Deplorables trapping is now an accepted technique in Assholian politics, going back to Charlottesville, where the authorities intentionally pushed right and left together, rather than separating them.  The now always hilarious WSWS draws exactly the opposite of the obvious conclusion, essentially stating that Nancy Pelosi was involved in setting up an attempted pro-Trump coup!:
"The latest revelations conclusively demonstrate that the attack on the Capitol on January 6 was not simply an “intelligence failure” compounded by unprepared police and exuberant Trump supporters duped by Trump’s “big lie” of a stolen election. It was a deliberate attempt to stop the certification of electoral votes, seize hostages and maintain Trump in power as a dictator-president."
It is almost but not quite impossible to believe that this lovely people has been the subject of so much hatred in so many different places and times: "Israel lobby’s “Death to the Arabs” damage control" (Abunimah).  Btw, the big European soccer scandal, disrupted by the actions of English soccer fans, was, yes, sadly, another manifestation of the JQ.  Shouldn't all sporting clubs be owned by the community?

"BlackRock, Vanguard & Co – How the New Capitalist Players Are Acting Against Labour, Environment and International Law and How They Use the Corona-Pandemic" (Rügemer).  Everybody involved in this 'industry' should be officially labeled an international outlaw, with significant bounties. 
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