Monday, April 19, 2021


"Pseudonymity and Genocide" (Petersen): 

"The heinous allegation of genocide demands a forthrightness to dispel it as disinformation. The insidiousness of disinformation is such that it has been held to be a crime against humanity and a crime against peace. Professor Anthony J. Hall made this clear:

Disinformation originates in the deliberate and systemic effort to break down social cohesion and to deprive humanity of perceptive consciousness of our conditions. Disinformation seeks to isolate and divide human beings; to alienate us from our ability to use our senses, our intellect, and our communicative powers in order to identity truth and act on this knowledge. Disinformation is deeply implicated in the history of imperialism, Eurocentric racism, American Manifest Destiny, Nazi propaganda, the psychological warfare of the Cold War, and capitalist globalization. Disinformation seeks to erode and destroy the basis of individual and collective memory, the basis of those inheritances from history which give humanity our richness of diverse languages, cultures, nationalities, peoplehoods, and means of self-determination. The reach and intensity of disinformation tends to increase with the concentration of ownership and control of the media of mass communications.

Practice open-minded skepticism; demand evidence; demand to know who the people involved are; scrutinize the history and backgrounds of the people, media, and places. In other words don’t allow yourself to easily be lied to."

"Associated Press misreports news about Gaza rocket into Israel" (Weir).

"Czech Mate" (Robinson).  Ha ha ha!  Putin has only two 'James Bonds' to do the ultra-terrible, ultra-difficult ops, they take no steps at disguise or identity changing or avoiding being seen and videoed (Bellingcat found them by surfing the internet in his underwear!), use their own passports, and, because Russia has only two agents, they do all the worst jobs, of every type and kind of expertise.   One day they are (incompetently) attempting to deliver deadly nerve agents, the next they are (expertly) blowing up munitions depots.  What will these rascals get up to next?  It should be a Netflix show!  The world would run a lot better if people weren't so gullible.

"US Expects Russia to Submit. Will It?" (Bhadrakumar):

"In effect, the US insists on its prerogative to impose sanctions, but Russia should not retaliate.

How far this pantomime will continue under the  rubric of “diplomacy” remains to be seen. Expectations must be kept low.  Evidently, the Biden administration has no interest to use diplomacy to wean Russia away from an alliance with China, as Kissinger once advised, so as to isolate and encircle China, the US’ main archetypal rival on the world stage. Biden instead expects Russia to submit to American writ and thereby deny strategic depth to China. 

But will Russia submit to the US hegemony — a nation that held its ground against Napoleon and Hitler? No, it will never. The Ukraine issue will, therefore, remain a tinder box, which can blow up anytime and become a laceration wound on Russia’s body polity and contaminate and weaken it — which, of course, is also the ultimate logic of the regime change in Kiev in the 2014 colour revolution masterminded by the US state department officials including Victoria Nuland, who has resurfaced as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs in the Biden Administration currently. "

"As Biden Plans Withdrawal, Analysis Shows Afghan War Cost At Least 241,000 Lives and $2.26 Trillion" (Corbett).

"A Middle East in Motion" (Crooke).  As the Hegemon croaks, the lackeys look to the new boss.  It's why the Saudis are talking to Iran.

"Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind" (CDaN).  The gangster family of Nancy Pelosi.

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