Sunday, April 25, 2021

First of many

"Iran-Israel tensions: The threat of nuclear disaster looms large" (Silverstein).  The Narrative is curious.  Would an anti-missile missile have traveled that far?  Where was the Iron Dome?  Is 30 km from Dimona an accident, or was it targeted?   Are the Israeli's saying 30 km to make it seem not so dangerous?  What did it hit to make the explosion? There is a peculiar asymmetrical warfare scenario here, with Israel's clear nuclear technological advantage also creating a Khazar-slaughtering nightmare - or wonderful dream - should missiles manage to hit Dimona.  This foreshadows what Hezbollah is going to do one day (though they will probably avoid Dimona, as radiation might blow their way).

CDaN is getting increasingly conspiratorial (Korybko's head will explode):  "Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind":

"This failure was surprising considering this nation loudly prides itself on its defense.  And how did the nation next door know to test it that time?  This very large nation has engineered a device that can shut down/block certain systems and has in fact got one on the ground in the nation next door. It is doing this because the nation that prides itself on its defense has been active in a country that borders the very large country. This was a warning."

Putin's patience seems to be fraying across the board. Was this a message?  The suggestion is that the Iron Dome failed as the Russians were able to electronically jam it (the Russians seem to excel in military electronic blocking), but we all know the Iron Dome is a joke, so I don't know that we need this explanation.
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