Sunday, April 11, 2021

Gays versus diddlers

I was wondering why Greenwald was so sensible on the tranny stuff (to the extent they call him a terf, the finest honor that one can receive in 'the current year'), as you might have thought he would be a dumpster fire.  Then I read this remarkable thread from September by Malcolm Clark and all became clear.  There is a war to the death going on behind the scenes between the trannies and the gays, all arising out of the self-sabotage by the gays, tricked by the trannies, in the 90s (over the issue of 'self-identifying').  

It is curious that the gays are fighting for their rights, but self-styled reps for women, the 'feminists', have collapsed like a cheap suitcase facing the ultimate patriarchy of trannyism.  Also, as Anglin so astutely pointed out, enforced trannyism is the opening for the concept that children can make complicated legal and medical decisions, and give legally-binding consent thereto, a view which is unambiguously intended to legalize pedophilia.  Women having abandoned themselves and children, and men hiding in terror of being seen as having any opinion, it may be the gays who are left to save the kids from the pedos. This would be good for the gays, who could always use a bit of an airgap from the pedos.

I can't help but notice that the technique, getting ahead of the agenda by drafting it, is pure Zionist technique, as is another common trick, tying your interests to a bigger, more popular issue, as the Khazars have bizarrely been allowed to use Holocaust talk and 'human rights' to promote their genocide and mass human rights abuses.  There is also the issue of keeping your worst excesses out of the (((media))), easy if you own it.  Finally, the ultimate trick is to insert into the debate seemingly innocuous wording that can then be used for lawfare purposes (see the 'self identifying' wording, and the enforced definitions of 'anti-Semitism', which suddenly become weaponized once accepted by the unwitting).

Last tweet in the thread:

"How could an idea so fundamentally irrational and with such dodgy roots in notions inimical to kids have wriggled its way into the minds of so many legislators? Perhaps if we can learn from this farce we can defend ourselves from the next incursion of the delusional."

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