Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Miserable necessity

"Who was Behind the Attempted Coup D’etat in Jordan?" (Danilov):

". . .  the events of April 3 can hardly be called a clear attempt at a coup d’etat in Jordan, which is denied to this day by both the official authorities and the media of the kingdom. Most likely, this was another (as in 2017) signal to King Abdullah II from Washington and Riyadh to “tame him,” to make him obedient to the selfish goals of Washington and Saudi Arabia."

Maybe, but I think Israel and MbZ had bigger plans, and the Saudis may not have been involved at all.

"Ukraine's Zelensky: "NATO Membership Is The Only Way To End War In Donbass"" (Durden).  The frightening part is that neither 1) the Assholes (or their Khazar bosses), 2) the government of Ukraine, or 3) the oligarchs who actually run Ukraine, gives a shit about the people of Ukraine, so the immediate massive humanitarian issues raised by NATO gamesmanship is not a factor in decision making.

"Claims of Uyghur genocide in China are ‘lies,’ adviser to B.C. premier says" (Nuttall/Chiu).  All hell is now going to pour down on this poor guy for bravely stating an obvious truth.  Related, is Trudeau a retard?  Serious question, as this is Peak Retard:  "Canadian warship transits South China Sea as diplomatic tensions remain high".  China still holds the 'two Michaels', who Trudeau pretends to care about, but obviously doesn't considering this unnecessary lackey foolishness.

"Tankie, Conspiracy Theorist, And Other Pejorative Tools Of Narrative Control" (Johnstone).

"Taibbi: On The Miserable Necessity Of Doing Censorship Stories In Pairs".

"Are Educated People More Anti-Semitic?" (Greene/Cheng/Kingsbury).  "Lack of Self-Awareness (Self-Deception?) at the Tablet" (MacDonald).  I like the idea that better educated people recognize what the 'wrong' (i.e., dangerous) answer is, and thus avoid giving it on surveys.  Of course, the other factor is that the educated are much, much, much more likely to have the horrible misfortune of having to deal with Khazar supremacism in their work, schools, neighborhoods, so the red pill is more available to them, and leads, of necessity, to Khazar skepticism.  MacDonald criticizes the methodology of their statistical experiment (he then goes off on his usual white nationalism).

"Nüshu (女书)" (Romanoff).  I like how the Western 'scholars' have fucked up their 'scholarship' to ride their own, often woke, hobby horses, which seems to be the norm these days.
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