Friday, April 16, 2021

No way out

"Stuck In a Cul-de-Sac, With No Way Out. Half-Speed Ahead" (Robinson). 

We're watching a clumsy attempt by (((Biden's teleprompter))) to appear slightly sane, as the fear was that the rush to set up the tripwire for WWIII in Ukraine was a little too obvious, even to the extent of slightly spooking the Euro-trash.  Thus reversing the warships sent to the Black Sea, and a call to Putin (no mention of Nord Stream 2, which should be quietly finished in the next month), and talk of a summit (which was immediately scuppered with more ridiculous sanctions).  On top of that, a phony withdrawal from Afghanistan (which is still better than no withdrawal at all, except I suspect, on orders from the (((boss))), the missing troops will be immediately replaced with more mercs).  And walking back one of the more ridiculous stories of Russiagate:  "White House admits lack of confidence in DEBUNKED story about Russian bounties – after Biden repeatedly used it to attack Trump".  I suspect WWIII has been moved to the fall.

Tweet (Arif Rafiq) (reminding us that the Assholian War For The Jews in Afghanistan is really also, and mainly, a War For The Jews against Pakistan):

"Two ongoing dynamics in U.S.-Pakistan relations:

- Pakistan continues to be skipped on high-level U.S. visits to the region (kept at a distance);

- Top U.S. diplomats engage directly with the army chief instead of civilian counterparts on the Afghanistan question."

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