Saturday, April 24, 2021

Not enough courage

From the self-appointed World Champion of freedom of speech:  "YouTube censors RT for entertaining unapproved thoughts, but tyranny won’t build confidence in the prescribed narrative" (Cox).

Of course there is a reputation repair industry:  "Laundering torturers' reputations with copyfraud"  (Doctorow).  Sadly, Doctorow goes off the rails at the end due to the malign influence of the Khazar attacks on 'Holocaust denial', the root of, and model for, all the free speech problems we have today.

"Is US still involved in Yemen war? Biden's envoy says he doesn't know" (Harb).  Ha ha ha.  I have to say the quality of lying in Washington has deteriorated, which is really saying something.  See also:  "Politico Story Alleging Russian ‘Energy’ Attacks Quickly Debunked" (DeCamp).

Hilarious, but e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y instructive (there is no such thing as conflict of interest if enough shekels are involved), levels of (((corruption))) at U of T!!!:  "University of Toronto faces revolt over meddling by pro-Israel donor" (Barrows-Friedman) (my laughing emphasis in red):

"David Sprio, a sitting tax court judge, who is a major donor to the university, complained last year about her research into Israel’s violations of international law.

Spiro had been an active representative of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), Canada’s largest Israel lobby group.

Thomas Cromwell, a retired judge, wrote a nominally independent report on the issues surrounding Azarova’s hiring. Cromwell confirmed that Spiro received confidential information about the hiring process and tried to sabotage it.

But while he was adjudicating the university’s hiring scandal, Cromwell accepted an invitation to give a keynote speech at CIJA’s annual conference in February.

“It is unclear why he did not recuse himself given his role as an investigator of alleged external influence from CIJA,” wrote Vincent Wong, who was on the hiring committee as a law professor and subsequently quit in protest after Azarova’s hire was revoked, along with the other members."

Assholia is starting to sound like an abusive, controlling husband:  "CENTCOM Commander Doesn’t Think Iraq Wants US to Leave" (Ditz).

"Courage (For Hugh MacLennan)".  Lyrics and commentary:

"The Canadian Encyclopedia describes the background for the song:

Hugh MacLennan, to whom this song is dedicated, is recognized as the first major English-speaking writer to attempt to portray Canada’s national character. Barometer Rising (1941), Two Solitudes (1945) and Cross-Country (1949) ushered in a new phase in Canadian literature that focused on Canadian characters, locales, events and thematic concerns.

While touring for Road Apples in 1991, Downie reportedly read MacLennan’s The Watch That Ends the Night (1959), which MacLennan wrote during a bought of depression following the death of his wife. At one point in the story the protagonist, George Stewart, explains his failure to propose to the love of his life when he had the chance: “No prospects, too much pride. The depression. But mostly, not enough courage.”

Stewart describes his existential epiphany in a passage that Downie paraphrases for the song’s central verse: “But that night as I drove back from Montréal I at least discovered this: that there is no simple explanation for anything important any of us do, and that the human tragedy, or the human irony, consists in the necessity of living with the consequences of actions performed under the pressure of compulsions so obscure we do not and cannot understand them."

There's no simple
For anything important
Any of us do
And, yeah, the human
Consists in
The necessity
Of living with
The consequences
Under pressure
Under pressure

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