Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Nothing will fundamentally change

"Why Is the Us Revealing Details of Iran’s Strike On Ayn Al Assad a Year Later?" (Magnier).

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):

"Must read analysis from Russia's top foreign policy expert Fyodor Lukyanov. He says If the proposed Biden-Putin summit goes ahead, it will attract the attention of the world’s media and give both men a PR boost. 

But nothing will fundamentally change."

Tweet (David Sirota):
"Realizing that almost nobody remembers anything more than 15 minutes old, I'd still like to pause and marvel at this new quote from George W. Bush, the president who actively spread WMD misinformation in order to lie the country into a war."
"Zero mainstream coverage today of the foiled, U.S. backed plot to assassinate Belarus president Lukashenko " (Doctorow).

"The Xinjiang Genocide Allegations Are Unjustified" (Sachs/Schabas).
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