Monday, April 26, 2021

Replacement politics

"A Tightening Circle of Replacement Politics" (Crooke):

"In the Politics of Memory, Stanley Payne writes.

The resonance of this initiative to what is occurring in the U.S. is plain. But what is going on here, at the deeper level? Why the European mirroring?

Ultimately, the aim is to widen endorsement for the moral correctness of ‘woke’ revolution: To widen it to a European élite, already well primed (i.e. memory politics, as above) for cultural war – albeit one oriented more to replacing European ‘populists’ and nationalists, with adherents to the EU imperial project.

The ‘Re-set’ (the replacement of a withering manufacturing base by automation, and High Tech) is integral to this Rotation Plan. The Davos Re-set agenda explicitly specifies the need for new tools of public discipline: Those who elect to stand aloof from, or deny, the new (woke) political dispensation, therefore would likely to be ‘ritually condemned, and cast out’ as companies sign up to the new ideological ESG rules: just as those without a Vaccine Passport already are finding it hard to participate in public life, to travel, or to work (other than at home). A social credit system is the inescapable logical concomitant to the Vaccine Passport, in due course. The circle – theoretically – snaps shut on dissidence.

The foreign policy aspect of this putative ‘revolution’ should be clear. Russian or Chinese nationalism, or indeed any sovereignty, per se, constitutes a threat to a cultural ‘revolution’ designed to eliminate both. Russia and China may be freely denigrated, in this vision, placed on a par with Franco; but absent a wider European buy-in to the moral validity of the replacement of a founding population, in name of historic injustices, the shift would be perceived as flimsy at best.

The team acts aggressively (i.e. towards Russia) one day, but pulls back emolliently, too, when that aggression threatens Europe (i.e. the prospect of a Ukraine war) – since ‘the team still needs the tacit moral endorsement of European leaders for its unprecedented domestic experiment. In short, the Rotation of Power experiment is the tail wagging the U.S. foreign policy dog."

You could argue that woke Assholian domestic politics is the new hegemonic tool.  You get the Euro-trash on board by accepting the entire basket of just-manufactured woke ideas as eternal morality, making woke politics the glue for the entire team, while providing a certain universality beyond Assholian race relations.  Then you find the positions of your enemies wanting on the woke politics scale, and start to head for war.  Then, when you get very close to war, you have to back off as the Euro-trash suddenly realize their shiny brand-new principles, most of which don't make any sense in a European context, aren't worth dying for.

Crooke goes on to argue that the weakness of the tool may be domestically, as the country won't be able to tolerate woke politics much longer.

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