Wednesday, April 21, 2021


"Say Hello to the New Multilateral Boss" (Escobar).  Selling China is easy when the alternative, the Hegemon, is comic-book level Evil. 

"Shock and Awe Is a State of Mind: Millions of Deaths Have Not Made Americans Safer" (Giraldi).  Comment by Disclaimer:

"Should dual citizens be prohibited from holding key positions in the U.S. government? I think so."

Reply by Schuetze:

"When the NSDAP stripped the Hebrews of their positions in the German government in 1933, Judea declared war on Germany, starting with international boycotts and finance war that stripped Germany of all foreign exchange so the Germany was once again on the brink of starvation.

We could expect Judea to behave exactly the same if the US “prohibited” “dual citizens” from holding positions. The first thing that would happen would be the dollar crash, as the dollar would be stripped of “Worlds Reserve Currency”, and economic collapse would ensue. Next there would be an international embargo on the import of US manufactured goods, what little there still are.

US diplomatic officials like like vom Rath and Gustloff would be assassinated by Jewish communists and their stooges. Staged false flag “anti-semitic” events would happen all over the US, like synogogues burning, Jewish businesses being vandalized.

US citizens and expats living in US possessions and foreign countries would harassed and murdered. Some large atrocities would occur in areas were Americans are concentrated. Puerto Rico, Phillippines, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Germany even Dubai, and especially Israel."

Lackeys are morons!:  "Czech PM says Russia did NOT attack country, alleged blowing up of munition depot was ‘not act of state terrorism’":

"The surprise claim by the Czechs seems to have derailed both a bid by Russia’s atomic energy developer Rosatom to build a power plant at Dukovany, and the planned trip by Hamacek to Moscow, for talks about providing Prague with the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine.

“I made it clear that I did not like the trip to Moscow. I did not want Jan Hamacek to fly to Moscow. In the end, it turned out that he’s not going,” Babis said on Monday."

"Ukraine: Fascism’s toe-hold in Europe" (Lee):
"One would have thought that this mutating revolution in the Ukraine would have drawn attention of the centre-left to the fact that fascism had gained a vital beachhead in Europe, and that the danger signals should be flashing. But not a bit of it; a perusal of the Guardian newspaper quickly reveals that their chief concern has been with a non-existent ‘Russian threat’. One of their reporters – or old friend, Luke Harding -described Right Sector as an ‘’eccentric group of people with unpleasant right-wing views.’’ Priceless! This must rank as the political understatement of the century. In fact, the Guardian was simply reiterating the US-imposed neo-conservative foreign policy. But naturally, this is par for the course."
"Iran-China deal: Is a new grand strategy brewing in Washington?" (Carnelos):
"So, is a new grand strategy really brewing in Washington? If so, it might entail closing ranks with European allies and trying to neutralise the BRI in its extreme western European offshoot, instead of the more arduous path in Central Asia. This might also extend to East Asia and the Indo-Pacific region, boosting the so-called Quad (the US, Japan, India and Australia). 
Washington could then finally stop disrupting the so-called "Heartland", leaving it (with all the enduring problems in its weak Middle Eastern underbelly) to Eurasian continental powers, while maintaining US control over the so-called "Rimland" and major sea trade routes. Such a recalibration would be based on the assumption that power in the future will be held not only by those who control the Eurasian landmass, but above all, by those who own big data and financial technology, in step with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Green New Deal corollary. 
In this context, a global clash with China is just the beginning. To succeed, the US would need to rationalise its resources, cut off dry and unproductive branches, and emerge from expensive and hopeless quicksand - to build back differently, instead of “building back better”."
"The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism is an orientalist text" (Ayyash).  Removal of agency from the Palestinians.  The recasting of the Khazar's weaponized definition reminds me of how they redefined BDS to make it completely non-threatening (but they continue to kvetch about it anyway).

"Sen. Elizabeth Warren Condemns 'Cruel' Treatment of Capitol Protesters Locked in Solitary Confinement" (Menahan).  Good of her to say so as the Republicans don't want to be seen as having anything to do with these criminalized sightseers
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