Monday, April 19, 2021

Sloppyness (sic)

"Saudi, Iranian officials held direct talks in Iraq: Report".  "Iran says open to talks with Saudi Arabia after media reports".   I like this for a lot of reasons.  Iraq running the show.  No Assholes!  No Euro-trash!  Evidence of sanity in Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi idea that it needs to get out of Yemen, can't find an exit strategy, and needs Iran's help.

If we were to line up all human beings - say there are 7,674,123,444 people in the world - from the best advocate for freedom of speech to the worst, Assange would be first, and this woman would clearly be 7,674,123,444th:  tweet (Matt Orfalea):

"YouTube CEO won a Free Speech award...sponsored by YouTube." 

"‘Hale’s Crime Is Not Leaking Information, but Exposing Government Lies About the Drone Program’" (Jackson).  "Daniel Hale arrested for being the source of The Drone Papers" (
"It is not known how exactly Hale was traced, but a tweet from his lawyer, Jesselyn Radack seems to suggest that The Intercept failed at their source protection. That would be their third time, because NSA linguist Reality Winner and former FBI agent Terry Albury had already been arrested due to The Intercept's sloppyness."
"What Is The Difference Between The Wright And Babbitt Shootings?" (Turley).

"Imagine being a black mother and worrying that your son is going to be killed by cops simply for opening fire on them with an AK-47."

"Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin—Former Member of Raytheon Board of Directors—Has Awarded Over $2.36 Billion in Contracts to Raytheon Since His Confirmation in January" (Kuzmarov).

"Escobar: So Who Wants A Hot War?".  "Flashpoint Ukraine: Don't Poke the Bear" (Whitney interviews Shamir).

"When Israel Leaves its Calling Card" (Snider):
"Why are the normally clandestine Israelis leaving calling cards since the start of the reborn JCPOA negotiations? Because it is not nuclear facilities and military ships that are being sabotaged. It is American diplomacy that would bring Iran out of international isolation. Israel is not sabotaging Iran. Iran is sabotaging the U.S.

Iran seldom publicizes Israeli acts of sabotage. And there’s a reason. If they made the attacks public and did nothing, they would look impotent; if they made the attacks public and retaliated, the world would see the Iranian retaliation and not the Israeli provocation, and the US would be forced to further isolate Iran and abort diplomacy. That’s what Israel is trying to provoke; that’s what Iran is trying to avoid. That’s what Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif was explaining when he said that the Israelis "want to take revenge because of our progress in the way to lift sanctions…We will not fall into their trap."

Iran wasn’t falling into the trap. So, Israel started leaving its calling card by informing the US and the world of their responsibility for the attacks. "Once Israeli officials are quoted, it requires the Iranians to take revenge," former head of the Mossad Danny Yatom said Monday with on an Israeli Army run radio station. Now if Iran lets the attacks go, they looked weak; if Iran retaliates, they looked like the aggressor, like terrorists. If the US let’s Israel get away with it – which they consistently have – it either embarrasses the US and shows they’ll let Israel do what they want, or it makes the US look complicit in Iran’s eyes. Either way, it weakens renewed Iranian and American efforts at diplomacy.

Because Israel brazenly carried out the attack while US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was in Israel, it is hard for the US to claim they didn’t know about it. So, when Austin stood beside Netanyahu in front of reporters and continued to promise America’s support for Israel’s qualitative military edge, the Israeli design is that it will look like complicity to Iran and sabotage the talks. In an April 12 media availability, when asked about what he would say to Netanyahu after the Israeli attack, Austin refused to mention Iran and said only that he is in Israel "to reassure the leadership of our commitment as a…strategic partner, only worsening that diplomacy damaging perception.

Israel is leaving its calling card to provoke Iran into self damaging retaliation and to cast the US as complicit in attacks on Iran. The first threatens America’s willingness to engage in diplomacy with Iran; the second threatens Iran’s willingness to engage in diplomacy with America. 
Israel is leaving its calling card in an attempt to sabotage America’s attempt to re-engage in diplomacy with Iran."
Tweet (Martin Lukacs):
"How come there’s been zero coverage in 🇨🇦’s media of how Canadian oil giant Enbridge is bankrolling U.S. police to criminalize opponents of the Line 3 pipeline? 

They first tested this tactic here, funding police in Hamilton, before exporting it abroad."
"FedEx Shooter was Confirmed Brony" (Anglin).
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