Friday, April 09, 2021

Systematic collapse

Tweets by Elijah J. Magnier:


I can't share with u the (Valid/tangible) reasons but in 1 year (more or less), the financial situation in Lebanon will drastically improve. Prices of Goods, medicine, oil (et al) will be much cheaper and the Americans and their Gulf allies will wake up & lift sanctions

The #US and Gulf won't do it out of support and humanitarian approach but out of necessity. 
I won't give any further explanations but mark my words.

If I explain why this will happen and what are the elements that will change the financial situation in #Lebanon, the Americans will wake up earlier but won't be able to change the course of events in the direction I foresee. Therefore, no details and no articles about it now."
Von der Leyen loses a spirited game of musical chairs:  "Turkey blames EU in 'sofagate' diplomatic spat".  It is clear from the picture she was just as close to the chair as Erdoğan, so it is her own damn fault for failing to pay attention to the tune.  Being good at musical chairs is against Euro-trash 'norms'.

Thread by Human Rights Watch Watcher on AOC's thugs.  The soul of AOC was up for grabs, but after she got The Visit and with it her first bag it has been all morally down hill for her, and recent statements demonstrate that she is the reincarnation of Nancy Pelosi.

"WEF Warns Of Cyber Attack Leading To Systemic Collapse Of The Global Financial System" (Webb):
"Given that experts have been warning since the last global financial crisis that the collapse of the entire system was inevitable due to central bank mismanagement and rampant Wall Street corruption, a cyber attack would also provide the perfect scenario for dismantling the current, failing system as it would absolve central banks and corrupt financial institutions of any responsibility. It would also provide a justification for incredibly troubling policies promoted by the WEF-Carnegie report, such as a greater fusion of intelligence agencies and banks in order to better “protect” critical financial infrastructure."
". . . Bank of America, the second largest bank in the US and part of the WEF-Carnegie Initiative and FS-ISAC, was reported to have “actively but secretly engaged” with US law enforcement agencies in the hunt for “political extremists” following the January 6th events at Capitol Hill. In doing so, Bank of America shared private information with the federal government without the knowledge or consent of its customers, leading critics to accuse the bank of “effectively acting as an intelligence agency.”

Yet, arguably the most troubling part of the report is its call to unite the national security apparatus and the finance industry first, and then use that as a model to do the same with other sectors of the economy. It states that “protecting the international financial system can be a model for other sectors,” adding that “focusing on the financial sector provides a starting point and could pave the way to better protect other sectors in the future.”

Were all the sectors of the economy to also fuse with the national security state, it would inevitably create a reality where there is no part of daily human life that is not ultimately controlled by these two already very powerful entities. This is a clear recipe for techno-fascism on a global scale. As this WEF-Carnegie report makes clear, the roadmap regarding how to cook up such a nightmare has already been charted out in coordination with the very institutions, banks and governments that currently control the global financial system.

Not only that, but – as pointed out in Unlimited Hangout‘s article on Cyber Polygon – the World Economic Forum and many of its partners have a vested interest in the systemic collapse of the current financial system. In addition, many central banks have recently backed new digital currency systems that can only achieve rapid, mass adoption if the existing system collapses.

Given that these systems are set to be integrated with biometric IDs and so-called “vaccine passports” through the WEF and Big Tech-backed Vaccine Credential initiative, it is worth considering the timing of the expected launch of such systems in determining when this predicted and allegedly inevitable event is likely to occur.
With this new financial system so deeply inter-connected to these “credential” efforts, this cyber attack on the financial sector would likely take place at a time when it would best facilitate the adoption of the new economic system and its integration into credential systems currently being promoted as a “way out” of COVID-19-related restrictions."
(((Biden's teleprompter))) is doing exactly what it wants to do:  "Biden’s Presidency Will Be Destroyed By His Foreign Policy" (Johnson).  "Ukraine’s NATO fantasy is a suicide pill in disguise; military action by the alliance against pro-Russian forces would be crushed" (Ritter).  Of course, the lack of success of the Ukrainians is the desired outcome of the (((warmongers))), who hate both Russia and Ukraine, and want to use this conflict as the stepping stone to WWIII (hint: (((they))) also hate Europe).  Putin will sweep in and take over eastern Ukraine in hours, just as China will retake Taiwan before anything can be done about it (though there will probably be decades of insurgency after the initial take-over), leading to the obvious conclusion that these western 'protectorates' are more accurately described as 'bait'.

This posting about Chechnya might be topical (Russians are not passive victims):  "27 February 1993 Outisiev Brothers Murdered Day After WTC Is Bombed" (Holloway).  "The US war on Europe: a continental 911? (OPEN THREAD #7)" (The Saker).  If Poland takes over what is left of Ukraine, 'Ukraine' is automatically in NATO.

"Adviser to B.C. premier won’t seek new term as outrage spreads over his comments on China’s treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang region" (Nuttall).  Common sense in refusing to countenance obvious warmongering lies will not be tolerated here!  It is almost too frightening to imagine if an adviser might give the Premier some good advise.

An adult victim is what we call a 'limited hangout':  "Leon Black’s surprise Apollo Global exit came amid sexual harassment allegation" (Kosman).

Snopes is a joke:  "Fact-Checking is Dead, Killed by Snopes over Biden’s Broken Promise of $2,000 Checks" (Strether).

Tweet and thread on how plausible the allegation is (Gumby, JD (murdered)):
"In 1988, in a column for the San Francisco Examiner, ex-Ramparts editor Warren Hinckle alleged that, according to his intelligence sources, Al Sharpton had been "a CIA contract agent who was involved in destabilizing the Manley regime in Jamaica.""
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