Thursday, April 22, 2021

The knife girl

"NBC Deceptively Edits 911 Call & Video From Fatal Police Shooting Involving Knife-Wielding Teen Girl" (Durden).  The (((media))) is now completely out of control with the lying.

"Recent Shooting of Ohio Teen Could Be Final Blow for Media and BLM" (revolver).  "Knife Girl: Is She a Man-Bites-Dog Story or the Result of Bell Curves?" (Sailer).

This wasn't just a 'good shoot', it was a spectacular shoot, in extreme circumstances saving the victim from almost certain death or severe injury, without hitting anybody else.  They should hold a parade for the officer.

Sometimes you just have to take the shot - from Toronto, 2004:  "Fatal sniper bullet was 'only solution' to end 2004 Union Station standoff, negotiator says".

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