Sunday, April 25, 2021

Vicious and unmeritorious attacks

Black/Muslim lives don't matter in France (but some (((lives))) matter a lot).  Shocking turnout.

Sailer almost never punches up.

Tweet (Mark Ames):

"It’s good that DC no longer pretends its NATO ally didn’t commit genocide on Armenians, but I wonder if Biden Admin would’ve put this off yet again if Turkey didn’t buy those Russian S-400s, which seems to be the ultimate unforgivable sin in DC."

It is a twofer - a warning to Bibi to stop messing with the Iran negotiations, and a general warning to Erdoğan to stop being such a loose cannon.  The Armenian genocide has traditionally been a problem for the Khazars, due to the fact that mention of any big genocide degrades the PR value of the hollow cost, and the minor inconvenient detail that it was a genocide by Jews against Christians (but here's one of the worst blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist supremacists praising Biden for the move!).

"Putin Rewrites the Law of the Geopolitical Jungle" (Escobar).

"Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and President Bill Clinton smile together in never-before-seen images" (Beal/Bates).  Along with Maxwell always in the news, this kind of reporting keeps the pressure on Bill and those blackmail victims like him.

"Maryland to Review Cases of Medical Examiner Who Testified in George Floyd Case" (Kashirina).  With the pig's head and now this, there is a new campaign of intimidation against any experts the mob doesn't agree with.  This is perilously close to losing a fair legal system.

"Twitter Admits To Censoring Criticism of The Indian Government" (Turley).  It is impossible to excuse this, particularly with the gross incompetence of Modi.

"Portland Mayor Belatedly Condemns Anarchists But Stops Short Of Condemning Antifa" (Turley).  How many bags did Soros deliver?

Tweet (Dr. Yara Hawari د. يارا هواري):
"In Jerusalem, Israeli Jewish mobs are stopping cars to check whether or not they were Palestinian. The first car (in the video) is not, the second car is. The mob then proceeds to stone the car. This is life under Israeli settler colonialism."
Tweets by David Sheen on the pogroms.

No 'dual loyalty' here!:  "Government officials question ex-ambassador to Israel's office space, private meetings" (Bureau) (the title must be a bad translation from the original French):
"Senior government officials who spoke to Radio-Canada/CBC said they often perceived Bercovici as more of a spokesperson for the Israeli government than the ambassador for Canada.

In her lawsuit, Bercovici described the allegations of disloyalty as "vicious and unmeritorious attacks on her integrity and loyalty."

Senior government officials say Bercovici often met with Israeli government representatives without her Canadian embassy advisers present.

According to these officials, such one-on-one meetings between an ambassador and a foreign government official are quite rare. A Canadian ambassador typically is accompanied to such meetings by the officials in charge of the files being discussed. In addition to providing their expertise, these officials can follow up on agenda items and act as witnesses to the discussions.

Bercovici's private meetings with Israeli government officials raised concerns among some Canadian officials. "We in the government of Canada were not privy to what was discussed there on behalf of the government of Canada," said one official.

"What did she convey? What did she reveal to them? They are friends, but still a foreign country.""
Tweet ( (hardcore, too, as Greenwald must have known that this 'program' existed only in Bibi's imagination):
"Recovered history: Glenn Greenwald supported Israel taking "real military action to stop" Iran from acquiring nukes:"
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