Monday, April 19, 2021

War pigs. All of them.

"Declassified: CIA Plotted Assassination of Cuba’s Raul Castro" (South Front):

"When the pilot was already in the Czech Republic, the CIA headquarters in Langley canceled the operation, but there was no more way to reach Martinez.

Finally, the flight was carried out with no accident.  When Martinez returned, he reported that “he had no opportunity to arrange an accident such as (it was) discussed.”"

"Did the US just try to murder Lukashenko? (OPEN THREAD #14)" (The Saker):
"As soon as the accusation of a CIA plan to murder Lukashenko in a coup came out, they did what they always do: denied it against all evidence and created a huge distraction: the US colony known as the “Czech Republic” declared that the explosion of a weapons depot in the Czech Republic in 2014 was a Russian sabotage involving… … wait for it… … drum roll…. the very same Petrov and Boshirov whom the UK accused of poisoning the Skripals!

The Czechs immediately expelled 18 Russian diplomats and the Russian reciprocated by expelling 20 Czech diplomats leaving only 5 in Moscow.

By the way, the official Czech investigation in 2014 concluded that the explosion was caused by negligence, not sabotage but, really, who cares? After all, look at these accusations, all as unproven and as silly as this one: (partial list in no special order)

  • Russian invaded the Donbass
  • Russia shot down MH-17
  • Russia tried to poison the Skripals
  • Russia tried to poison Litvenenko
  • Russia murdered Boris Nemtsov
  • Russia murdered Politkovskaia
  • Russia tried to poison Yushchenko
  • Russia interfered in two US elections
  • Russia hacked the DNC computers
  • Russia paid Afghans to kill US soliders
  • The Russian shot down the aircraft of the Polish president over Smolensk
  • The Russian tried to organize a coup in Montenegro

To repeat, none, NONE of these accusations were ever proven or even substantiated. ALL of these accusations are solely based on the putatively undeniable credibility of the western special services."
"Pure: Ten Points I Just Can’t Believe About the Official Skripal Narrative" (Murray).  Nice summary.  If you think about it critically, the fact that we're told that the same two identified guys did the Skripals and the Czech explosion makes it less likely that they had anything to do with either.

"Bipartisan Murder" (Medhurst).

"The Big Whopper on Afghanistan" (Hornberger).  They had bin Laden trapped at Tora Bora but let him escape, so it wasn't about getting custody of bin Laden.

"Oh, No! Al-Qaeda Out of Cave on 9/12!" (McGovern).  Cofer Black, and an inattention (!) explanation for the bin Laden escape.

"“A Sign Of Progress”: How A Tiny Corporate Media Clique Inverted Reality During Brazil’s 2016 Coup" (Brazil Wire).  An example of how (((media))) sausage is made.
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