Monday, April 12, 2021

White flight

Tweet (Jim Osman):

"I’m old enough to remember when Bill Gates used to create viruses in Windows and then sell the antivirus. Good times. I wonder what he’s up to these days?" 

Tweet (Poorly Aged Things).

Tweet (Tyler Watt) (making it very likely that it will happen soonish in Canada):
"A motion for a Universal Basic Income for Canada passed at the #Lib2021 convention with 77% of the vote. It is now ranked as the #2 priority of 26 passed policy resolutions. This is really exciting. #onpoli #cdnpoli #BasicIncome #UBI"
"Escobar: Ukraine Redux - War, Russophobia, & Pipelineistan".  The timing is wrong if it about blocking Nord Stream 2.  If you have to wait until May it is too late.  The real (((goal))) is always regime change in Russia.

"Turkey backs Ukraine’s NATO bid & Crimea policy, says military industry cooperation with Kiev is ‘not aimed against 3rd countries’".  Erdoğan enjoys juggling live hand grenades (although he immediately calls Putin!).

"Britain is Back to Murdering Foreign Politicians Yet Again" (Danilov).

"'Woke imperialism strikes again': CNN faces backlash after it defends keeping US troops in Afghanistan by citing women’s rights".

Assholian wokenness in literature:  "White Flight: Hemingway’s "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber"" (Dinh).

Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"A vocabulary shift that was suddenly decreed one day by the activism/foundation industrial complex and now has become completely ubiquitous across elite institutions"
Somebody should figure out how completely addled thinking can take over an entire class, sub rosa, over a relatively short period of time.  We should be looking at things like tulip mania, or Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.  As usual, the thinking is so insane we are caught aback, thinking that nobody could possibly be that stupid, yet these are the self-styled intellectual leaders of society.

Do they allow postal ballots in Ecuador?:  "Guillermo Lasso: Conservative ex-banker elected Ecuador president".  The left was well ahead, and then it wasn't.  Peru is now going to its second round, with the left ahead.

Tweet (Solidarity w/Ayiti):
"The basis of debt trap diplomacy thesis on the ‘predatory’ nature of Chinese loans is based off Sri Lankan case study where in fact their debt woes are rooted in excessive borrowing on Western-dominated capital markets, not Beijing. This is how these narratives give cover to IMF."
"A Movable Feast" (Shamir):
"Israel’s judicial system is the most rotten part of the Jewish state. They have sanctioned the use of torture, ethnic cleansing, confiscation of Palestinian lands and homes, the expulsion of Palestinians, and have approved the bombing of Gaza and Lebanon. There was no war crime or crime against humanity committed in Israel that did not receive the approval and blessing of the judiciary. Even for straightforward mass murder, the Israeli court had sentenced the murderer to a fine of ten cents! The courts have declared all the state lands of Palestine to be the property of the Jewish people. They have also allowed the construction of Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands, and the indefinite imprisonment for Palestinian parliamentarians. The judges are as unfair and dishonest as in the US."
Tweet (Mehdi Hasan):
"Every US lawmaker who blindly votes for military aid to Israel every year, and robotically claims that Israel shares US values, should be forced to watch videos like this and answer how is this militarily justified and how are these the values we claim to share/cherish?"
Tweet (David Sheen):
"What’s the point of Canada having left-of-center political parties, if pro-Israel lobbyists (none of whom ever vote for said parties) aren’t granted veto power over what policy proposals said parties rank-and-file are even allowed to consider on Palestine?"
Singh was such a buffoon the party now has to put down the bag of shekels long enough to pass a moral resolution.  The (((donors))) will be furious.

An excellent example of the thinking processes of the World's Worst People: tweet (BrookeGoldstein) (good replies):
"This is the real apartheid. The fact that Jews can’t enter into “Palestinian territory”. I reject this. I reject that some places are dangerous for me to enter because I AM A JEW. Enough with this hate. #EndJewHatred"
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