Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A timely reminder

"Palestine Has the Right to Defend Itself" (Taxi).

"US Again Blocks UN Statement Urging Halt To Gaza Violence - Accused Of "Obstructionism" " (Durden).

The 'peace' of President Jared:  "The utter failure of the Abraham Accords" (Harb).

If you read what happened it wasn't much of a 'rise up':  "Democrats rise up against White House sale of US missiles and bombs to Israel" (Weiss).

Tweet (Mark Ames) (we'll see how long Oliver lasts!):

"When I was younger, this would've been an immediate career-ender. For life. Pro-Israel propaganda has been a powerful weapon throughout the US empire, but its effectiveness is also part of its undoing. People resent being lied to & forced to shuttup."

Tweet (Dalia):
"this precision missile knowingly targeted and bombed the office of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund in Gaza, one of the very few organizations tending to the crucial medical and psychological needs of Palestinian kids in facilies outside of Gaza. next level evil."
"I get email, part one: blogger sent me this for two posts from March just past: I violated their malware and virus rules, I was flagged, deletions happened Thursday, I had no idea, I only checked the email associated with this free (out of pocket-wise) blogging platform because the yearly hassle of renewing the domain is soon upon me, the next day got an email saying this had been reinstated, just saying the monster's free blaaging platform, for whatever reason, at whoever's behest, demonstrated it can disappear me when and for whatever reason it wants, a timely reminder"
"I get email, part two: a friend asked me if I'd like to sign a letter from those at Hilltop in support of Palestinians, I of course said yes. I was asked what my creds are re: sig tag, I hadn't been asked in years, I'm nobody here, there, there, here, I merely asked I be identified as staff, I can only imagine the shit I'd get if the actual building I work in was listed, Hean Demmasi couldn't pick me out of a line-up, be damned if she wants me representing the building, condemning the bombing of Gaza, fine metaphors abound"
The fun part is if you write something years ago that seemed, and was, innocuous then - 'only women can get pregnant' - but the shifting tides of SWJ opinion mean that those opinions are now politically incorrect, they can, and will, cancel everything, past, present, and future (satire is taking your life and career in your hands). Similarly, expressing an opinion on, say, the right of Palestinian children not to be locked in cages and bombed to death, well, that is now on your permanent record.  Best to keep your head down and go along with whatever (((they))) want to kill and steal.
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