Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A vast underground illegal-thought economy

Tweets by David Sheen on a lynching.  "How a fascist party brought into Israel’s parliament by Netanyahu helped him start the war he wanted" (Sheen, at The Grayzone) - how the Kahanists helped Bibi get the attack he needed to stay out of jail.

"Israeli Police Target Palestinian Journalists at Al Aqsa Mosque" (Ziv).

On the clumsy reversal of infamous SJW Mark Ruffalo, who retracted his criticism of Israel when his (((agent))) told him the facts of life in (((Hollywood))) (while the 'American' Khazars want the farm animals to know, yet again, that they don't support Israel!):  tweet (Walker Bragman):

"Celebrity: I want to apologize for my public statement in support of oppressed people."

"ADL Jews Cry About How People Hate Them for No Reason, Demand Government Action Against Criticism" (Anglin).

The Khazars had the Mossad throw Maxwell off his boat when he was determined to be 'bad for the Jews', despite the acknowledged/celebrated horrible things he did for them over the years.  I have to assume Bibi has not yet had a fatal heart attack because (((they))) have decided (((they))) still like his level of violence.

"Advocates hail ruling striking down ‘unconstitutional’ Georgia Anti-BDS law" (Wilkins).

"UN poised to approve war crimes probe into Israel on Gaza, Jerusalem" (Lazaroff).

"Israel carries out ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, robs them of their homes, yet pretends it’s the victim" (Medhurst).  "Crying ‘Self-Defense’ To Cover Up War Crimes" (Larison).

Thread by Ivan Katchanovski on the neo-Nazi arrested in Minsk and the failure of Western media to report on his real story.

"Austerity’s Hidden Purpose" (Varoufakis).  "Greetings from “New Normal” Germany!" (Hopkins).

Another pretendian:  "Flight from White: Yet Another Leftist PoC Lady Grievance Study Professor Is Exposed as White" (Sailer).  Canada has the same problem.

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):

"This is interesting in terms of geopolitics: Russia’s long-range modernized Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers have flown to the Khmeimim Air Base in Syria, where they will be located for the first time ever. 


Not The Onion:  "Hillary Clinton directly appeals to QAnon to stop claiming she drinks children’s blood: ‘It’s painful to me and my family’" (Graziosi).

Tweet (Walter Kern):

"There will be a booming black market in banned ideas 

A vast underground illegal-thought economy 

Complete with safe houses, smuggling routes, and intellectual gang leaders  

It’s coming"

Tweet (Gina Carano).
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