Monday, May 31, 2021

Active, not passive

"Lost in (Hebrew) Translation" (Atzmon).  Analyzing supremacism.  This is the kind of thing that drives the Khazars so crazy they can't stifle calling Atzmon every name in the book.

I want to go back to that Bari Weiss quote cited by Higgins.  

"The results of this mess, as always, are especially bad for the Palestinians who live under Hamas rule. Casualty reports are hard to verify because Hamas controls the media (even the international press) inside the Gaza Strip, but it appears that more than 50 Palestinians have been killed. Some of these people are entirely innocent non-combatants, including children. This is an unspeakable tragedy. It is also one of the unavoidable burdens of political power, of Zionism’s dream turned into the reality of self-determination."

Weiss is simply too stupid and arrogant to be able to avoid saying the quiet part out loud.  She is literally saying that the 'self-determination' 'dream' of the Khazars justifies the actions taken by 'Israel' against the Palestinians.  Innocent non-combatants killed, well too bad, but the Zionist dream prevails.  It is exactly like a serial killer calmly explaining why his need to kill overwhelms any moral consideration of what he had to do to satisfy his urges. Or, somebody breaks into your house and announces you will have to leave, to be enforced with extreme violence, because he is from a superior group who has decided that the 'dream' is for him to live there.  Normal, non-psychopaths do not accept that urges and 'dreams' establish moral exculpation.  Normal, non-psychopaths do not accept that bizarrely inflated self-regard justifies murder and theft.  Weiss, however, will never be able to understand this.

Obviously, this is crazy thinking, indistinguishable from psychopathy, but the Khazars get away with it as they can bribe and blackmail Western politicians to repeat it, over and over, and the (((media))) likewise repeat the Khazar supremacist assumptions to the point where there seems to be no alternative.

I've seen a lot of analysis on why Hamas won the latest Khazar genocide attempt.  I think it turns on the same supremacist issue.  The Khazars have set everything up so that Khazars decide to act (in this case, for the silly, insulting, and self-preoccupied issue of keeping Bibi from facing punishment for his corruption), and Palestinians wait around to see what will be done to them.  Khazars are the only actor, just as you'd expect from supremacists.  Day by day, the physical condition of the Palestinians is worn away by constant murder and theft.  Just as supremacism fuels the cruelty of the Khazars, so too does the passivity of the Palestinians confirm in Khazar eyes the truth of their underlying supremacist assumption.  The assumption has been wrecked:  "Maariv: Hamas becoming stronger than Israel".  'Israel' will never again be able to act on the assumption that it will face no serious consequences.  The magical thinking behind Khazar supremacism has been broken.

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