Thursday, May 27, 2021

Alarming escalation

"Russia Blocking Any EU Flights That Circumnavigate Belarus In Alarming Escalation" (Durden).  Hilarious!  The Euro-trash didn't think this one through.  

It has been a relatively good week:  "Good News and Bad News: Biden Punts on Russia and Takes Some Heat on Afghanistan" (Giraldi).  Note the (very late) push-back of the Swamp on the sane Afghanistan semi-retreat.

I've been thinking how far the Khazars have fallen recently.  Don't get me wrong, mass, fawning  Congressional support for the recent flare-up of the ongoing Khazar genocide, disgusting as it is, proves that ZOG is still in full force and effect.  Still, consider what has happened recently:

  1. Hymietown, the largest Khazar city in the world, has been reduced to a shadow of itself due to the government reaction to the virus.  (((They))) seem to be trying to reconstruct it in Miami, but it will never be the same.
  2. Hollywood, same.
  3. While there will be many other similar operations (we saw a glimpse of that in the Gaetz case), the Maxwell operation has been shut down, and this top-tier operation, which took years and Epstein to build, will be difficult to recreate.
  4. (((They))) are losing the younger evangelicals, who seem to have finally concluded that it is impossible to reconcile genocide, and genocide of people who are the original Christians, with the teachings of Christ.
  5. BLM and woke culture are completely inconsistent with organized racist trampling on brown lives, and BLM is starting to stir in the direction of the Palestinians.
  6. The general Assholian population seems to be tiring rapidly of the Khazar whining, particularly consistently claiming 'self defense' on conflicts (((they))) have obviously started.
  7. Even the (((media))) is slightly cracking - although (((they))) have doubled down on shameless control of the (((social media))), going Zuck-wild on censorship - allowing hints of the Khazar outrages to leak out.  (((They))) don't seem to realize that the optics of bombing children in cages while wailing 'self-defense' does not play in (((their))) favor.
  8. Even some of the edges of the Democrats are breaking away from the actions of the bribe takers and blackmailees who set Assholian government policy.  Having said that, all the Republicans are still firmly blackmailed.
  9. Assholia has been sucked dry by its parasite, and withdrawal from Afghanistan and lack of enthusiasm over Syria is a manifestation that the printing of money is becoming problematic.  There are big hints of inflation, and (((Biden's teleprompter))), notwithstanding the ((())), needs to print oodles of money to pay for core Biden promises to his base, which anti-Semitically don't include rockets to kill children.

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