Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Beach house weekend

"Ukrainian president to Baltic NATO allies: this is war in Europe" (Rozoff).  It is funny to watch Ze grovel for Polish support when the Poles are just waiting to grab huge swaths of Ukraine once its flailing around with the Assholes results in the falling apart of the whole country.

"Hawks seek revival with new group" (Loeb).  We all have an internal, innate set of ((())) genetically drilled into us out of a long-lost instinct for self-preservation, and it really helps to use them while reading this.

"As senior director for Near East and North African affairs from 2002 to 2009, Abrams played a key role in encouraging the U.S. invasion of Iraq and urging other interventions in the region and supported an armed coup attempt against the democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza, touching off a brief civil war that left the Islamist group stronger than ever. His advocacy as special envoy for Venezuela and Iran for ever-stronger sanctions against the governments in those two countries succeeded only in strengthening hard-line forces in both nations and pushing much of their middle classes into poverty. Given that record, why Vandenberg’s backers would choose him as the group’s chairman and public face, is intriguing, to say the least.

Also intriguing, however, are the names of former Republican policymakers and analysts who apparently chose not to join this latest effort to rally Republican interventionists against alleged isolationists. John Bolton, for example, would seem to be a natural for this outfit, as would Hudson’s I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, or Wolfowitz, Eliot Cohen, and Fukuyama — all of whom signed PNAC’s original charter along with Abrams, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. And what happened to the original co-founders of both PNAC and FPI, Kristol and Kagan.  Intriguing indeed."
"Time for a Foreign Policy of Adequacy, not Primacy" (Bandow):
"In short, the US requires an adequate foreign policy and military force. Something able to protect the nation, not run the world. A commitment and ability to deter attack, not to assault everyone else. A return to the approach one would expect from a democratic republic, especially one that is essentially bankrupt, currently running up charges that its creditors might soon doubt will ever be repaid.

Providing for the "common defense" is a constitutional obligation. However, the founders believed defense meant, well, defense, not imperious rule over the entire globe. Joe Biden should act against type and focus on his domestic responsibilities. Not just as a matter of urgent necessity. But as a matter of constitutional responsibility as well."
Tweet (LivePDDave):
"Bill Gates: "We need to be able to track Americans with vaccine passports."

Also Bill Gates: "Please respect my privacy during this difficult time.""
Tweet (Megan K. Stack):
"Sometimes there’s that one small detail about a famous person that sticks with you for years and for me it’s been that Bill Gates negotiated into his marriage the right to take an annual beach house weekend with his ex-girlfriend."
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