Saturday, May 22, 2021

Beyond my comprehension

"The War That Israel Lost" (Hever):

"When the violence erupted, Israeli politicians, especially Netanyahu supporters, escalated racist incitement against Palestinians (whether in Gaza, the West Bank or inside Israel’s borders). An atmosphere of hate and fear took the country by force. Since the parties engaged in negotiations to form a coalition without Netanyahu represent opposing identity groups – aside from Lapid’s Yesh Atid, which represents secular, middle class Jews, and Ra’am, there was Naftali Bennet’s New Right, which represents Jewish religious nationalists – they could no longer cooperate and coalition talks collapsed.

Meanwhile, Lapid failed to utter a single word of criticism about the killing of Palestinians by the military and the police. He has until 2 June to find a majority and form a government, otherwise new elections will be declared, with Netanyahu staying on as interim prime minister.

Already, two party leaders with whom Lapid has been negotiating – Bennetand Gideon Saar (a defecting member of Likud, unhappy at Netanyahu’s alleged corruption) – have both hinted that they could renege on their campaign promises not to join Netanyahu’s government. As soon as Bennet and Saar shifted their positions, Netanyahu quickly accepted Egypt’s proposal for a ceasefire with Hamas.

To the general Israeli public and media, Netanyahu’s manoeuvre is fullytransparent. The state of emergency gives him a chance to stay on as prime minister, and to stave off his corruption trial.

Israeli politicians critical of Netanyahu, however, are afraid to talk about his cynical manipulation of the violence. If they do, they will be branded as “leftists” or “Arab lovers”, both considered insults in Israeli politics. Inside Israel, the fear of having one’s loyalty and nationalism brought into question is stronger than the fear of Hamas’s rockets."

"Similarly, the military does not function as an organised army, but as an undisciplined angry mob. The brutal bombing of Gaza was poorlycoordinated and even the quality of propaganda that the Israeli military produces in order to justify the bombing is lower than ever. 
On 14 May the Israeli military press unit deceived foreign media, claiming that Israeli ground troops were marching into Gaza in order to get Hamas fighters to take shelter in tunnels, which were promptly bombed. The lie failed, because the military press unit did not send the same misinformation to the Israeli newspapers. Hamas officers saw through the trick and avoided entering the tunnels."
Two comments to a Sailer piece, each on CDC manipulation of COVID tests: 1) Mr.Anon:
"The CDC is no longer tracking “Breakthrough Cases” – i.e., people who test positive for SARSCOV2 after being vaccinated, unless said cases result in hospitalization or death, because reasons. If a COVID-sniffing dog so much as sniffs at a mere unvaccinated heathen, that person has COVID. If a fully vaccinated person gets sick as a dog, the CDC doesn’t care, unless they go to hospital or die.

The best way to win a game is to make the rules."
2) Puremania:
"You’re right, the CDC now demands that vaccinated people have PCR tests run at a cycle threshold of no more than 28. Quite a different criterion from the extremely high CTs that were used to diagnose Covid, when no one cared about the up-to-90% false positives those over-cycled tests produced. 
I can’t hyperlink from here, but I recommend checking out the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, giving his opinion of Anthony Fauci. It’s still on YouTube, called Kary Mullis, PhD Biochemist, 1993 Nobel Prize Winner for PCR discovery."
"Drain the Disney Copyright Swamp and Make the Public Domain Great Again" (Knight). Disney's intellectual property protections are about to run out again, after having been crookedly extended by bribed politicians twenty years ago.

The usual bald-faced lie:  "Jewish-Americans are at a turning point with Israel" (Angel).  Weiss is actually better (though his site continues with the usual lite Zionist fooling of the farm animals):  "‘We are losing ground’ — liberal rabbi calls on U.S. Jews to stand up for Israeli ‘siblings’ against a hostile press".

In the real world, as opposed to lite Zionist trickery of the farm animals, all - every single fucking one! - Khazars in positions of power work together as ultra-Zionists:  "How Social Media Companies are Suppressing the Voice of Palestinians" (Viable Opposition) ("Why anyone allows these companies to control anything is beyond my comprehension given that their actions are so blatantly biased.") and "Panel Discussion: Israeli Intelligence Colludes with Facebook, Google to Censor Palestinian Voices" (Adley).

"if all this is true, then it represents very considerable progress" (Niqnaq, cancelled by the Russians for no known reason other than perhaps covering the Gaza slaughter, is back home).  Menendez is probably the most heavily bribed and blackmailed politician in Assholian history (and that is quite impressive, in its way!), so his complaints about the Gaza slaughter are quite something.  Were I to hazard a guess, I think this is about Democrat donor unhappiness over Bibi's increasingly bonkers efforts to stay out of jail.

"Conservatives Cancel AP Journalist For Criticizing Israel" ('Hunter Wallace').  "How an Israeli attack in Gaza led to the firing of an AP reporter" (Petti).  Though it seems ironic that this happened on the heels of the IDF bombing of the AP building in Gaza, the AP is actually notoriously Zionist.

Tweet (Matt Taibbi):
"With this one, Tom Cotton should get to hold the "dumbest man in Washington" orb for at least a week."
Tweet (Max Blumenthal) (despite the optics of the Gaza slaughter and pogroms against Palestinians, the bribery and blackmail are holding up):
"Remarkable JPost op-ed says despite the unprecedented display of popular opposition in the West to Israeli apartheid, Israel's govt takes comfort in knowing the US and EU are governed by complete tools who don't care what their constituents think"
"Why Did Former FBI Director Freeh Give $100k To A Trust For VP Biden's Grandkids In 2016?" (Lifson).

Tweet (Randy Quaid):
"Bashkir who gaslighted Diana for BBC is the same journo who also set up Michael Jackson then edited the interview to show MJ in a false light, which allowed Santa Barbara DA to charge Michael with bogus charges, which lead to his death."
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