Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Bo over apartheid

Apparently they have a Nobel Prize for blue screen of death, and Epstein can help you get it:  "Bill Gates Thought Jeffrey Epstein Was His Ticket to a Nobel Prize, Ex-Staffer Says" (Briquelet/Cartwright).  Makes perfect sense - we already know the Nobel committee are world-class horndogs (at least the Swedish part), right up Epstein's alley.

"Journalism’s Gates keepers" (Schwab).

This, from March, is worth re-reading.  $300 shoes!  "FBI’s Ridiculous “Capitol Siege Pipe Bomb” Video Is An All-Out Assault on Common Sense" (revolver).  "House Republicans Defy the January 6 Narrative" (Kelly).  Related:  "BREAKING: ‘Significant Discrepancies’ Discovered In Arizona Audit, Ballots Off Up to 17.5%, ‘Likely Joe Biden Did Not Win’" (Pappert).  "If No Election Fraud Why Are Democrats Desperate to Block Maricopa County, Arizona Audit?" (Roberts).

"Leak Exposes Fissures in Iranian Establishment and Power Shift to Hard-Liners" (Porter).

"Trained by Years of Guerilla War, Yemen’s Houthis Want to Export Thier Revolution to Palestine" (Abdulkareem).

Tweet (StanceGrounded):

"Biden reassuring Palestinian congress woman Rashida Tlaib that her family will remain safe in the West Bank while simultaneously selling 735 million arms sales to Israel, blocking UN’s ceasefire efforts, and pronouncing her name completely wrong "

Tweet (Ajamu Baraka):
"Another example of psychopathology of white supremacist world view. In the midst of a campaign of genocide against Palestinians by U.S. ally Israel, Nancy Pelosi calls for a boycott of 2022 games in China because of Chinese human rights abuses! Yet she opposes BDS of Israel."
Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"The Washington Post describes Israel's bombardments of Gaza's homes, health centers, agriculture, bookstores, orphanages, cultural centers, & other civilian targets as "strikes on Hamas tunnels." 
Does the IDF pay @washingtonpost for its PR services, or is it on the house?"
"YouTube pulls age restriction from Al Jazeera Arabic live stream".  "After Declaring That ‘Palestinian Lives Matter,’ Facebook Immediately Closed My Page" (Sahimi).

"NYT fails to disclose columnist’s side gig at pro-Israel advocacy group" (Clifton).

"For CBC, a dog story is more important than Israel’s apartheid" (Mitrovica).  Bo over apartheid/genocide.  I wonder if (((they))) have Epstein/Maxwell-style material on CBC execs, or perhaps the CBC is just doing what it is told to do by Trudeau.

"Steven Crowder gives YouTube legal notice, intends to seek injunction against deplatforming" (Parker).

"Gaza Is Better Than Auschwitz" (Shamir):
"Only a rabid antisemite would say Gaza is worse than Auschwitz. No, it is better, but only just. And it has gone on longer, year upon year, with no end in sight."
I must have missed the part where the Nazis carpet bombed Auschwitz to keep Hitler out of prison for corruption.  The rest of the piece is good.

"‘The Onion’ Calls On Israel To Bomb Our Offices In Case Any Hamas Agents Hiding Out There".
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