Thursday, May 13, 2021

Climates of fear

It is funny how many Khazars in how many different places are cooperating to hide something in order to protect the legitimacy of a crime scene, 'Israel', which they tell us the vast majority of Khazars care nothing about:  "Digital apartheid: Palestinians being silenced on social media" (Zahzah).

The real issue, goyim, is "a social media pogrom" against Jews (as we all know, all social media must be owned and run by Jew haters) (also).

There's a good reason why (((they))) have carefully constructed a 'climate of fear'.

Objectivity in 'journalism':  tweet (Max Blumenthal) (note the replies, and that she has gone silent at an odd time):

"Besieging Gaza is a family affair for CNN Jerusalem correspondent


On 'journalism', see deleting a neighborhood.

Tweet (Louis Allday) (also):

"I’m out of words for how vile the BBC is. This is sickening."

Joe 'No apology to be made' Biden. Luckily, Assholia is now being run by (((Biden's teleprompter))).

Some videos of the nicest people in the universe:

  1. "on the rampage";
  2. "Kristallnacht";
  3. "#Police storming into people’s homes and beating the shit out of them." (link);
  4. throwing grenades at ambulances (for Assholes who think Assholia has a police problem!);
  5. beaten with Israeli flags;
  6. the now famous lynching after being pulled out of a car (individual Palestinians don't seem to realize the danger of monsters);
  7. terrorist mobs (also);
  8. a collection by Omar Baddar, including some of the above.

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