Friday, May 21, 2021

Crypto Fash

"Matt Taibbi, Your Fifteen Minutes Has Arrived: How a Once Great Reporter on Wall Street, Race and the Poor Has Become a Rich “Get Off My Lawn” Suburban Jerk" (Silverstein).  Very odd attack on the group he calls the 'Crypto Fash', Greenwald, Taibbi, and Tracey (who he really, really despises), but including people like Tucker Carlson, Max Blumenthal and even, tellingly, Michael Lind (!).  Since he seems to agree with much of what these guys produce, you have to seek carefully to see what the problem is, and I think it is in this paragraph:

"Also count me out if you want to be an apologist for every shit regime that is an “enemy” of the US, like Grayzone. No fucking thanks. I like smart, creative, people. I’m on the left mostly but am open-minded — but no Tucker and no cheerleading for China or Assad. That’s pathetic. I think people believe I’m just throwing a temper tantrum. I’m not. I believe in radical political change, from the left, and overthrowing the tech/financial bipartisan oligarchy that is strangling the county. Maybe I’m stupid and I certainly don’t have delusions of grandeur about what I can achieve with my little site, but I’m getting old(er) and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life whining about how shitty things are. I want change."

So the real problem is that they are insufficiently Assholian jingoistic, not enough USA USA USA cheerleading (there is also a lot of the ubiquitous 'journalist' envy of the Substack bucks). Although Silverstein keeps restating how 'left' he is, this is really no different from an 'America, love it or leave it' conservative from the 50s or 80s. Those of us who are sure that Assholia is the worst place on the planet and the biggest danger to human life would beg to differ.  In any event, it is a strange hill to choose to die on, particularly for a man of the 'left'.
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