Wednesday, May 12, 2021


The quibbling Khazar phenomenon:  tweet (Asinus Pervicax):

"i don't think you need to have a doctorate in international relations to understand that bombing apartment buildings and dropping white phosphorous on civilians are atrocities." 

People on their deathbeds are asked what, in their long lives, most shocked them to their core, and they invariably reply it was that one time they saw truth in the (((media))).

Tweet (Danny Haiphong) (promoting the Assholian attack on China while subverting the pro-Palestinian march):
"Most disappointing about the #SaveSheikhJarrah protest in NYC was seeing the East Turkistan flag. 
Xinjiang is not Palestine. The Palestine Solidarity movement took the imperialist position on Syria and should not do the same with China. These errors only help the US and Israel."
"Israeli Apartheid Is On Display" (Larison).

"The untold story of Sheikh Jarrah" (Baroud).

"Israel attacks Gaza after Jerusalem defeat" (Abunimah/Murphy/Nassar).  "Washington Post pushes Israel’s retaliation narrative" (Brown).

Peace is the one thing that terrifies Khazars the most:  "The Realignment" (Doran/Badran).  Barry's $38 billion bought him no love at all.

"What Kind of People Associate with an Alleged Pedophile?" (Engler).  Cotler is The Devil.

"Google Images is Just So Bad Now – It’s Literally Curated" (Anglin, etc).  Are the engineers at Google smart enough to try to patch things up into a somewhat working search before the company disappears?

"Why Is the Government Hiding January 6 Video Footage?" (Kelly).

I await the article in a year or two recounting all the devastation:  "Why Are Gates and Pentagon Releasing GMO Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?" (Engdahl).  I'm actually quite shocked that there was somebody smart enough at Harvard to block Gates' plan to end life on earth:  "Why a landmark experiment into dimming the sun got canceled" (Osaka).

"Joe Biden's First 100 Days Were a Pentagon Prize" (Smithberger).  "Revolver Book Review: “The Stupidity of War” — To Save America We Must Abolish “Defense-Diplomacy” Complex". "A Dolorous Imbalance" (Reed):
"As so often, the Chinese do things, try things, while the US talks, riots, imposes sanctions, sucks its thumb, and spends grimly on intercontinental nuclear bombers."
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