Thursday, May 06, 2021

Five minute war

"The Feminization of Western Men" (Roberts):

"Iben Thranholm says Western men have been deprived of strength and confidence by feminism. All over Europe, white women of European ethnicity, French, German, Danish, Swedish are raped openly in public by the privileged people of color welcomed in by scum like Merkel, the corrupt French governments, the bought-and-paid-for Italians, the dumbshit British, and the white men just look away and walk on by. Not only has feminism deprived men of any sense of obligation to their women, they are scared to death of being arrested for offending a person of color by interfering with his rape of a white woman. Indeed, in Scandinavia women are not only afraid to leave their homes, they are afraid to report their rape, because the police might charge them with a hate crime for claiming rape by a protected person of color. In Sweden the protection of Swedish women is so nonexistent that it is becoming a right for a person of color to rape a Swedish woman. The treasonous governments, treasonous against their ethnic populations, will not confront the mistake they made by overwhelming their nations with immigrant-invaders whom they refuse to hold accountable. Therefore, they blame the raped white women. And the Swedes are such sheep that they reelect governments that favor immigrant invaders over ethnic Swedes. Who can imagine a Swedish army confronting a Russian army? It would be a five minute war."

"The coup against separation of powers in El Salvador is already irreversible" (El Salvador Perspectives).  The Dems complain even as they plan their own version of the same thing.

"How CBS’s Norah O’Donnell tried to out-hawk Antony Blinken on China" (Armbruster).  Keeps the hard and crazy ideas out there while making Blinken look diplomatic.  Cigars all around!  

"How the US gov’t cultivated environmental and Indigenous groups to defeat Ecuador’s leftist Correísta movement" (Norton).  It strikes me that it would be easy to dump piles of null votes, just as was done for harvested ballots dumped in Georgia for Biden.

Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"How US regime media works: 

When Venezuela, facing a longstanding US coup and destabilization campaign, does anything to respond it's a "crackdown."

When US allied-Colombian police open fire on anti-austerity protesters & kill them, it's "allegations of police excess":"
Tweet (Magnus Panvidya) (the interview is from November; the interviewer, Orla Guerin, who should probably stay away from upper-floor windows for a while, is not an evil person, having fallen afoul of the Khazars for truth speaking):
"Holy fuck he hit him with the Assange bomb and she froze"
I was going to note this defenestration:  "Weird: Second Highest-Ranking Swiss Embassy Official Falls to Her Death from Tehran Tower" (Anglin).

No matter how much of a twisted weirdo you feel you are, it will get better after your first torture session, or your first wedding party mass murder by drone:  "CIA Embraces Left-Wing Ideology, Leftists Deny That This Is Happening" (Tracey).  I don't know the answer, but is there a higher percentage of psychopathy amongst the differently orientated?  If so, this directed recruitment effort would be on point.

"Jerusalem protests: The mob “breaking faces” learned from Israel’s establishment" (Cook).  The future of Khazaria is with the youth, perhaps the finest and most moral group of human beings face breakers who have ever existed.  How is it possible that anyone anywhere has been able to hate such people?!  Most people in the world would feel intense shame on reading this behavior from their own group, but not our lovely Khazars.

"Palestinians facing eviction in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah vow to stay until the end".  "The Threat of Mass Palestinian Displacement in East Jerusalem" (Shaveh/Amim/Peace Now).

"The Journalist and the Whistleblower" (Risen).  View from the honeypot.  This is one of the most bizarre things I have ever read.

I don't want to hear any complaints about my never following heart-warming links:  "How Bezos Got Revenge Against The Tabloids For Exposing His Relationship With Lauren Sanchez" (Durden).  Where's the revenge?  The yacht?

"Bill Gates' 1988 Wife-Material Test" (Sailer).  Yeah, it was an excellent idea to put this psycho-fruitcake in charge of the whole world.
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