Saturday, May 08, 2021


"BREAKING – The Xinjiang Genocide Determination As Agenda" (Dumoulin/Oberg/Vestby).  Very good analysis.  Just remember, always - Cotler is The Devil.

"In Wake of HRW Apartheid Report, Israeli Propagandists Launch Global PR Offensive" (MacLeod).

"Video: Deadliest Police Raid in Rio de Janeiro History Kills at Least 28" (Fishman).  "Over 370 People Go Missing During 9 Days of Tax Reform Protests in Colombia, Rights Group Says".

"Gustavo Petro Represents a Progressive Alternative in Colombia" (Schalk).

"'Furious' Melinda Gates Warned Bill Over Jeffrey Epstein Escapades: Report" (Durden).

"Biden’s decision on TRIPS waiver is political theatre. India cannot pin hopes on it." (Bhadrakumar).  "Vaccine Waiver Pledge Tests Biden-World’s Pharma Ties" (Sirota/Bragman/Perez).

Tweet (Rania Khalek):

"If there are homes i break into and declare belong to me bc of my religion, will the NYT report that neighborhood as “contested”? This is how you write a headline that covers up ethnic cleansing"

'Contested' is Yiddish for 'something we intend to steal through genocide'. See also the JYT favorite, 'clashes'.

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