Wednesday, May 19, 2021

German tourism to Canada in the 40s

Tweet (Roger Litwiller -🇨🇦 Naval Author/Historian):

#OTD 13/5/1942 #RememberRCN #BOA75 -U213 enters Bay of Fundy, landing German agent Lt. M.A. Langbein, alias Alfred Haskins near St Martins, NB. With no intent of spying, buries his uniform & radio, travels across Canada as a playboy. Surrenders to RCN Nov/44 when money runs out." 

"The world’s worst Nazi spy: The German agent caught by Canada in a matter of hours" (Hopper):
"He had stepped onto Canadian soil in the trim, impressive uniform of a German naval officer, complete even with an Iron Cross pinned to his breast. This was standard procedure for German spies. That way, if they were caught, they could avoid execution as spies by saying that they had simply deserted from the German navy and swum to shore somehow. "
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