Sunday, May 09, 2021

Green ruins

"How Kiribati was lost to China" (Paskal).  A monster with the Wars For The Jews mongering (((Foundation for Defense of Democracies))) writes an interesting tale of how China keeps beating the shit out of the hegemon and its sad, sad lackeys.

More (((clash))):  "Palestinian Infant Sustains Punching-Related Injury In Violent Clash With Israeli Police" (Johnstone).

"Prominent American "Anti-Racist" Jews Are Funding Racist Gangs Attacking Arabs In Israel" (Striker).  As Israel reaches its end, it is going to be harder and harder for 'mainstream' genocidal Khazars to pass themselves off as some kind of humanitarians.

"Instagram deleting posts about Palestine" (alsemanche).

"White Helmets corruption scandal deepens: Dutch gov’t investigated parent org for fraud, but covered it up" (Norton).  "US, UK, EU barbaric sanctions are killing Syrians" (beeley).

"Coverage of fallout from May 1 removal of judges and attorney general" (El Salvador Perspectives).

"Amnesty International changes its rules in order to REDESIGNATE Russian activist Alexey Navalny as ‘prisoner of conscience’" (never forget World Historical Monster Natan Sharansky, one of the worst persons who has ever lived, was/is both a POS and a PoC):

"Amnesty claimed it had made an “internal decision” to stop using the term for Navalny in February, “due to concerns relating to discriminatory statements he made in 2007 and 2008 which may have constituted advocacy of hatred.”

However, they said, this was used by the “Russian government and its supporters” to “further violate Navalny’s rights.”

Faced with a backlash, Amnesty officials profusely apologized to a man they thought was Navalny’s aide Leonid Volkov in a zoom call at the end of February, but said they couldn’t change the designation because it would make them look bad. Instead, they proposed to organize a “short, powerful, clear social media campaign” in favor of Navalny to “steer the conversation away” from the designation. 

The only problem was they hadn’t been speaking to Volkov, but to the notorious duo of Russian pranksters, Vovan and Lexus.

“It is part of Amnesty’s mission to encourage people to positively embrace a human rights vision and to not suggest that they are forever trapped by their past conduct,” they said in a statement. Two months later, Amnesty has officially backtracked. According to the organization, it will no longer exclude people from being prisoners of conscience “solely based on their conduct in the past,” as they recognize people’s “opinions and behaviour may evolve over time.”

When Amnesty designates someone a PoC, “this in no way involves or implies the endorsement of their views. Amnesty only concurs with opinions that are specifically consistent with the protection and promotion of human rights,” the group said. “Some of Navalny’s previous statements are reprehensible and we do not condone them in the slightest.”"

I have to say WSWS has reached lows I would never have thought possible (debilitating donor problem, just like Jacobin), but there is still a sliver of decency there:  "Colombia’s mass protests continue amid reported “disappearance” of 379 demonstrators" (Lobo).

Also good:  "Attack on Bristol University Professor David Miller spearheads national anti-Semitism witch-hunt" (Shaoul).  After Israel is gone, we need to give out medals to the Heroic Skeptics of the Resistance.  Being a morally excellent person isn't good enough, you also have to be tough enough to face up to the (((monsters))) and their disgusting paid enforcers.

I rarely if ever link to anything by this guy, for obvious reasons, but:  tweet (Matthew Yglesias):

"The Labour Party seems like a shambles but ask yourself how Democrats would be doing if the electorate were 85-90 percent white and the Republicans supported universal health care."

Tweet (Tiffany FitzHenry):

"BREAKING: An email written by the MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito says Bill Gates was "directed by" Jeffrey Epstein to donate $2 million to the research lab in October 2014.

Serious question, why does Bill Gates do what Jeffrey Epstein tells him to do?"

"Adolescents Who Think They Are Transgender Are Being Hoaxed by a Handful of High IQ Fetishists" (Sailer):

"Autogynephilia is a sexual fetish where men who are attracted to women get obsessed with a fantasy of themselves as a woman. It appears to account for most of the high profile M-to-F ex-men, but that fact has been kept hushed up for years, with disastrous effects on naive adolescents who aren’t autogynephilic."

There are all these books on WWI and WWII which analyze all the dumb-dumb decisions, obviously so, that cumulatively led directly to absolute ruination (Dresden levels of destruction), and any one of these decisions going the sane way would have saved Europe.  Can we expect the Euro-trash not to be morons?  No.  The Greens in power in Germany is going to be an utter disaster.  "The Butterfly Effect Re-Setting the Global Paradigm" (Crooke).

"CIA Replaces Waterboarding With 12-Hour Lectures On Intersectional Feminism" (Babylon Bee).

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