Thursday, May 20, 2021

Herders of larpers

Tweet (Gravel Institute):

"Lula da Silva has just confirmed that he is running for President of Brazil to defeat Bolsonaro in 2022."

"Some Simple Lies Out of Washington: Who Is the Terrorist and Who Is the Victim?" (Giraldi).

Tweets by Elijah J. Magnier on the winding down, for now, of this wholesale stage of the Khazar genocide.  An example:
"#Israel has exhausted its interception missiles in 10 days & asked to be provided with 907KG #US_Made GBU-31. 
What would happen in case of war against #Hezbollah
Israel is proved to be much weaker than anyone would imagine.All Arab countries who recently normalised r watching."
Trying to get to Jerusalem with the wrong name.

"We will kill you like your Yeshu."  It is not clear what the Evangelical 'Christians' see in the Devils.  One of the jokes is that the Devils had absolutely fucking nothing to do with the death of Christ.  They were almost 3000 km away.

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Israel exterminates multiple generations of Palestinian families asleep in their homes: “It’s complicated”

Uyghur Muslims celebrate Ramadan in Xinjiang: “Genocide!”"
I guess almost 2 billion for the herders of larpers will keep somebody quiet.

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