Saturday, May 29, 2021

My first choice would be Lebanon

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):

"There’s a saying in Arabic: He murders the victim and then walks in his funeral."

Tweet (Abier Khatib):

"NYT cool.                NYT is antisemitic"

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):

"Longtime ADL race hustler-in-chief Abe Foxman complains about the NYT publishing photos of kids killed by Israel. 

In better times, he played "personal defamation protector" to NYT bureau chief  @rudoren  complained to her about "the Arabs" buying hotels."

"Abraham Foxman Is Done With The New York Times" ('Hunter Wallace').  

I miss Abe, but Nosferatu has his moments.  Tweet (Max Blumenthal):

"Defamation League CEO @JGreenblattADL tweets a symbol of Meir Kahane's fascist Zionist terror gang that has murdered scores of Palestinians including Alex Odeh, the regional director of the Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee"

The children/Devils on the other side (for those who think the next generation will fix things).

Tweet (Solidarity w/Ayiti):

"Donna Brazile trying to redeem herself to the Democratic Party after the Wikileaks exposé forced her to admit the 2016 DNC primary was rigged for the article, she manages to call Hamas “terrorists of Gaza” and doesn’t mention a single Israeli war crime. Pathetic."

Tweets by Rana Nazzal on being interviewed by the CBC, then the interview didn't air, and then they ghosted her.  The big bags of shekels must have arrived.  Note the 'style' warning within the CBC not to use the word 'Palestine'.  All these fucking bribed 'journalists' should be fired.

Tweet (Shadow of St. David):

"Keep coming across extraordinary details. Edward I didn't expel the Jews of his own volition in 1290: the taxpaying public paid him £116,346 to do it. Adjusting for inflation, that's £160,040,722 in today's money!" 

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