Sunday, May 30, 2021


Tweet (Allison Josephs):

"Tell me again how we are the oppressors"

Tweet (

"ALERT Philadelphia - antisemites dressing up as Orthodox Jews are wishing women a "Shabbat Shalom". 

When receiving a "Shabbat Shalom" back, they ask "are you a Jew?" and proceed to harass the women. 
A police report has been filed w/@PhillyPolice (21st and Hamilton)." 
and (minor detail that the men were Jewish):
"Update from the woman who filed the initial police report."
Tweet (Yossi Kudan ):
"This was not an antisemitic incident. This was a case of Chabad Yeshiva students doing outreach."
A nutshell of why we're so exhausted with (((their))) constant, niggling, bullshit.
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