Friday, May 14, 2021

Pocket like

Tweet (Shereen Allam) (I love the 'oh, shit' look on the guy who is rending his shirt):

"Israelis ripping their clothes to make it look like they've been attacked, getting caught on camera مجموعة من المستوطنين يشقون ملابسهم مدعين انهم تعرضوا للاعتداء من المسلمين!!!" 

Tweet (RedStar) (the very definition of pure joy is watching Khazars celebrate the suffering of people whose land they want to steal):
"European Zionist Colonizers, also known as Israelis, celebrate the destruction of a Palestinian store #colonizers #Israel #SavePalestine"
Tweet (Eion Higgins) (Weiss is channeling Golda, whose words have caused PR concern):
"The mass slaughter of children is one of Zionism’s political responsibilities of power, says
"Jews Accuse Germans of Anti-Semitism for Protesting Child Killing in Palestine" (Anglin).  "Watch: German TV “regrets” airing this interview about Gaza" (Abunimah).  Anglin.

Magnier describes the peaceful rationale of Hamas.

The utter hypocrisy of the Assholian government's weaponization of 'human rights':  "Israel’s war crimes and the hypocrisy of “human rights” imperialism" (Van Auken).  "Peace in Palestine? Not if American politicians can help it" (Knapp).  Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"That “one member” was the “human rights” loving @JoeBiden administration, which wants to give the occupier as much time and space to slaughter Palestinians as it wants."
Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is the very definition of chutzpah, and with all the massive shekeling going on, might just work:  "Why Biden should ignore the latest move to halt diplomacy with Iran" (Abdi/Costello).  Responsible Statecraft is a splendid addition to the internets.

Woke culture, though highly hypocritical in its choice of protected groups, is starting to take an ironic toll on the Khazars (just as #metoo before it), as before woke culture there would have been no quasi-apology ('pocket like'):  "Charlotte Flair Apologizes After Liking Pro-Israel Post, Kayla Braxton On “Cancel Culture”" (Middleton).

None of this shit is random or unintentional, and a lot of it can be explained by Bibi's desire to remain out of jail:  "How Israeli police are colluding with settlers against Palestinian citizens" (Ziv).

"Far-right Israeli groups plan further violence against Palestinians after night of lynchings" (Masarwa/Andrews).  "Israel’s Pogroms in Jerusalem Could Spark the Destruction of al-Aqsa" (Peled).

Tweet (Mohammed Sulaiman):
"Muna, a journalist, asked a little girl in Northern Gaza on live TV/radio 'how long this bombing has been going on?' Expecting her to answer since mid-day or so.

Little girl replied, 'since the day I was born'. 

Isreali colonial violece is a daily occurence for people in Gaza."

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