Sunday, May 02, 2021

Purple Lambert

"Security firm Kaspersky believes it found new CIA malware" (Cimpanu). 

"Washington’s Weirdest Think Tank" (Rosen) (Soros and Koch as funders):

"Much of Quincy’s work, especially on China and the Syria conflict, would appear to clash with the Open Society Foundations’ liberal internationalist ethos and emphasis on human rights abroad. Quincy’s steely pragmatism toward the persecution of Uyghurs, the future of Tibet, and the survival of the Assad regime hardly aligns with Soros’ well-known belief in civil society as the ultimate hedge against tyranny. Five sources, all of them involved in the Washington foreign policy ecosystem, told me that some within Open Society are queasy about aspects of Quincy’s work and are second-guessing their financial support for the group.

But if Quincy’s stances on China and Syria might clash with much of Open Society’s other activities, there is plenty of agreement on Iran, one of the most politically divisive overseas challenges the Biden administration faces. According to Open Society’s online record of past grants, Soros’ philanthropy has given money to several other organizations involved in the effort to rescue President Barack Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal, including $100,000 to NIAC’s political action committee in 2019, $125,000 to J Street between 2017 and 2019, $115,000 to the Arms Control Association between 2018 and 2019, and $158,000 to the Ploughshares Fund. Dwarfing this support is the $11.7 million Open Society gave to the International Crisis Group (ICG) between 2016 and 2019, when the organization was mostly led by Robert Malley, President Joe Biden’s Iran envoy and the Obama administration’s lead negotiator on the nuclear deal. Like Quincy, ICG receives money from both Soros and from Koch, who announced a $2.4 million grant to the organization in January 2021.

Normalization with Iran is a genuine point of convergence between the far left, the realist right, and elements of the Democratic Party mainstream . . . "
"While Quincy may turn out to be a new Iran lobby in waiting, the Iran issue is also a useful vehicle for Quincy’s disparate funders, scholars, and activists to bring about a transformation in how America views itself and its role in the world. Iran isn’t America’s most pressing foreign challenge, but it’s the one on which a policy reversal would most dramatically signal a new era in U.S. policy. A United States that is no longer enemies with Iran is likely to see its entire global posture through a much different lens than whatever its current one might be."
As you might expect from The Tablet, and from the fact that this is an outlier from the thinktank norm of warmongering, very snarky throughout.

Tweet (Eli Valley):
"An American Jew, backed by the Israeli gov't, the American gov't, and the vast majority of American Jewish orgs, personally perpetrates ethnic cleansing while throwing his hands in the air and proclaiming "I didn't do this.""
Tweet (Louis Allday) ("Universal Access to Healthcare is a Fundamental Human Right"):
"It’s 4 years today since my dad died. I wrote this piece a year after his death & everything that’s happened since then, both in my own life & globally, has only underlined my belief that universal access to healthcare is a fundamental human right."
More evidence that Biden's teleprompter has no interest in Indian-giving Trump's gifts to Adelson: "Scoop: Biden won't reverse Trump's Western Sahara move, U.S. tells Morocco" (Ravid).  "Biden to uphold Western Sahara recognition for sake of Israel".  Let's get ready for war!: "Morocco: U.S. to lead war games after 30-year ceasefire with Western Sahara ends" (Rozoff).

"West turns a blind eye to march honoring WW2 Nazi ‘SS’ in Kiev: Ukraine may not be a fascist state, but it has a fascism problem" (Robinson).

"Crisis brewing as El Salvador’s Congress votes out top judges".  "Checks and balances thrown out in El Salvador" (El Salvador Perspectives).  A shame this happens when they are making so much progress in dealing with the past.

"Despair Grips the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" (South Front).

"How an anonymous conspiracy video has added more intrigue to the mystery of an Italian student tortured and murdered in Egypt" (Wilson).

To be fair, how many diplomacy jokes are there?
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