Monday, May 24, 2021

Saladin's physician

"Israeli pilot reveals the destruction of towers in Gaza is “away to vent army’s frustration".  I think that is different than 'self defense'.

"“Who executed Ashli Babbitt?” Four months later, still a mystery [Video]" (Hanisch).  If it was indeed a Democrat politician who pulled the trigger, and we combine this with the fact that the police waived the protesters in and discussed with them the terms on which they would be allowed to stay, and with the fact that Pelosi had made it clear she didn't want the National Guard (because 'optics', presumably not wanting to look too police-state-y right after the vote fraud had removed the Nazi Trump, though the subsequent fencing and mass troop presence put paid to that) (see also, another weak 'debunking'), the execution of Babbit starts to look like part of a preplanned wider plot to attempt to permanently sully MAGA in an effort to remove it from the Assholian political equation.  The execution of somebody was required for the plot to work, for otherwise the larpers would probably have milled around and left, leaving no basis for Democrat hyperbole.  The irony is that it took a dead MAGA supporter for the Democrat whining about safety in the face of a terrible 'insurrection' to have any credibility at all.

Tweet (MEMRI):

"Zheng Junfeng, Pundit on Official Chinese TV: U.S. Provides Israel a Diplomatic Shield because of the Wealthy Jews and Their Powerful Lobby in America; Israel Serves as a “Beachhead” for American Interests #Antisemitism #China"

Tweet (Alan MacLeod) (nothing has changed!) (that's (((Kutner))), for those whose browsers don't automatically insert ((()))):

"An official CIA document from 1973 in which Amnesty International founder Luis Kutner petitioned the CIA for $250k to set up an NGO in Beijing. In return he'd let the agency "staff it completely with our own people."…"
Note the classic Chauvin technique, from the source.  The brutality is part Khazar frustration at the Palestinian success, but also Bibi's efforts to continue to stir the pot in his plan to avoid jail.

"Dua Lipa, Bella and Gigi Hadid linked with Hamas in 'appalling' NYT advert" (Uddin).  When I think khlassic Khazar, I immediately think Boteach.  I guess it is JYT policy now to accept ads promoting genocide by attacking those who might dare complain about it.  

"Sacha Baron Cohen blasts Twitter CEO over social media anti-Semitism" (Lungariello).  In the real world, of course, pro-Palestinian voices are heavily censored/cancelled by (((those))) who control all (((social media))).  We live in a world where complaining about genocide is 'hate speech'.

Thread by Wokal Distance on Khazars being yelled at, sometimes more.  I have to admit, even as I intellectually don't like to see this, to feelings of joy.   Also:  "Shove your Holocaust up your ass!"  Indeed.

"Why Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah is a microcosm of the Israeli Oppression of Palestinians" (Kanj).  Saladin's physician!

Emptywheel - who I had mercifully forgotten about completely - goes after Maté after Maté publishes another Russiagate debunking - this time on Kilimnik - and Maté uses her own words to shred her credibility (not that it is hard to do so).  What happened to the Russiagate evidence she claimed to have - 'hard evidence of collusion' - but never revealed?

I am going to give Biden credit if he earns it - slim pickings so far - and this is very interesting:  "Biden administration poised to ax US oil company’s waiver for Kurdish-led northeast Syria" (Zaman).  Bibi embarrassed the Biden Administration and Assholia by blowing (((Biden's teleprompter))) off when (((it))) requested that the Khazars stop slaughtering civilians (it seems that Bibi only takes orders from Vlad!), and I have to wonder if that was the last Assholian straw over the ridiculous Assholian efforts to continue to support Yinon.  What better a message to Bibi than Assholian withdrawal from Syria?

Nobody has ever said Musk is dumb.

Something, something, something in the news today about how horrible it is to force down an airplane.
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