Monday, May 24, 2021

She circled back

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"Hilarious yet illustrative of how the US functions that they sent out Jen Psaki to condemn Belarus when it was Psaki herself, then State Dept spokesperson, tasked with obfuscating and defending the US/EU's forced landing of Morales' plane to get Snowden:" 

"Lukashenko's Revenge (Served Cold)" (Moon).  Note the parallels to the Ukrainian stunt.

"Russia Mocks Western Outrage At Belarus Plane Arrest" (Durden).

This is some nice intelligence work by Belarus.  When the Assholes do one of their kidnappings, they have their own massive intelligence agencies, plus help from all the Europeans.  Belarus has none of this.  How could they know that they had a chance to intercept him?  I imagine Belarus agents were tracking this guy wherever he went, followed him to the airport in Athens, saw what plane he got on, and phoned home saying 'you'll never guess who is coming your way'.  Or maybe they have an asset in his camp.

This is going to make the work of the color revolution guys much more interesting, as they can no longer count on complete invulnerability (lessons were learned about this in Hong Kong as well).  Soros will have to start giving a kidnapping risk bonus.

"Stunning ‘NYT’ report on Israel’s occupation causing Palestinian ‘misery’ was a long time coming" (North).  It is telling that real reporting on Khazaria is so rare in the JYT that you have to keep looking up to the url to confirm you are reading the JYT and not one of those few crazy alt truth outlets that haven't yet been cancelled.

"The Best and Truest Pro-Palestine Tweet" (Anglin).

The financing of propaganda (more Gates!):  "Why Shady Billionaire-Funded NGOs Pushed a PBS Report on Nicaraguan “Conflict Beef”" (Sterling).

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Corrupt, extremely right-wing banker Guillermo Lasso takes power as Ecuador's new president today

Attending his inauguration is a who's who of Latin America's far-right:
-Brazil's Bolsonaro
-Colombia's Duque
-Chile's Piñera
-Venezuelan terrorist Leopoldo López

Also Spain's king" 
Written confession:  tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"The govt of Venezuela has just submitted Biden aide Richard Nephew’s sadistic book, “The Art of Sanctions,” to the ICC as evidence of US war crimes confessions:"
Tweet (Andy Ngô):
"“Stop standing by our black people & using us as your f—ing shields!” 
BLM protesters confronted & kicked out the #antifa at the Portland protest organized by
@RoseCityJustice earlier today after antifa became violent."
This makes way too much sense to have any chance of happening: "Washington is playing a losing game with China" (Freeman).  Ditto:  "How to turn Nord Stream 2 into a win for Ukraine" (Graham/Haberman).

"Countering the American Way of War – Proof of Concept" (Armstrong):
"But there is a third assumption of the American Way of War and that is simply this:

the air raid sirens will sound somewhere else.

Everything that I have said above applies to Israel. Just like the USA, Israel has grown accustomed to using air power, “precision strikes” and all the rest of it. In 1973 it had a hard ground fight but since its 2006 repulse by Hezbollah in Lebanon it has relied ever more on air strikes. Like the U.S., it is confident that it has air superiority and secure communications. Being so much closer to its enemies, it is not as confident that the air raid sirens will always scream somewhere else, but confident that it can inflict, via its air power, unacceptable damage on its enemy, Israel proceeds. Hezbollah and Hamas would be fools to try – even if they could – to build an air force to fight Israel, neither can they expect to have air defence and electronic warfare assets to seriously challenge Israel’s air superiority. Because they cannot attack the two assumptions of air superiority and communications, they must therefore attack the third assumption of invulnerability. Not the enemy’s strength but his weakness.

The last big U.S. ground operations, the Iraq wars of 1990 and 2003, were preceded by months of unimpeded transportation of immense quantities of supplies across the Atlantic. Baghdad never interfered and the complacent supposition that the air raid sirens would sound only in the enemy’s skies was further strengthened. But, should NATO be so suicidal as to provoke Russia to war, this will not be the case: the Iskanders will come calling and there will be no uninterrupted buildup. NATO bases will not be safe sanctuaries and the convoys will have to fight their way through. 
We see, today, the proof of concept. In May Gaza fired hundreds of simple, cheap rockets at Israel. The Israeli air defence system, Iron Dome, was reasonably effective but it will run out of missiles long before Gaza, to say nothing of Hezbollah, will. Iron Dome suffers from the weakness that it is far more expensive than the simple rockets Hamas is using. Debris rained down on Israeli cities, the odd rocket got through (probably more than we were told). The air raid sirens were continuous and Israelis were in bomb shelters. It’s true that Israel’s air force obliterated buildings in Gaza but that’s not the point: everyone knew they could do that, it’s the continuous rockets that are new. This went on for eleven days with no diminution of fire from Gaza. A piece in the NYT, not a noticeably Israel-hostile outlet, quotes an estimate of 30,000 rockets in Gaza; only about ten percent were fired. Hezbollah has at least four times as many. The myth of Israel’s invincibility has been broken: gravely diminished in 2006 on land, its skies are no longer safe. Fight the enemy’s weakness (its home morale – how many dual citizens are already packing their suitcases?) and use weapons it does not have."
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