Monday, May 17, 2021

Some sub-zoology specimen

"The Mask of "Liberal Democracy" Falls with a Bang" (Escobar). Pepe is a bit steamed at the hypocrisy.

"Israel’s Pyrrhic victory in Gaza, Netanyahu is real winner" (Bhadrakumar).  Hamas is also a winner, demonstrating the backbone Abbas has never had.  Fighting back, even very unsuccessfully, puts a halt to the murdering and stealing, if only for a while.  Otherwise, the Devils win, relentlessly, day by day.

"‘Apartheid’ charge is suddenly common in U.S. mainstream — thanks to AOC, Bush, Oliver, Reid, Velshi" (Weiss).

"The West's deafening silence and double standards as it ignores the Palestinian struggle" (Nazeer).  To be fair, they can all buy new yachts with the shekels they have earned this week.  If there were any justice in the world, the whole lot of these crooked losers would be forced to live on the upper floors of a Gaza apartment building.

"Israel fakes another video of “Hamas rockets” next to Gaza homes" (Abunimah).

Celebrities who bravely stick their necks out shouldn't be shamed when the (((Devils))) force them to retract using their ownership of the Entertainment Industrial Complex.  What should really happen is a complete ban on (((Devil))) ownership of any media businesses, as they obviously do nothing but abuse their positions to kill people and steal land.  All the weeping and wailing isn't about any physical fear, but the worry that (((they))) might have to slow up the rate of land theft and genocide.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Given that this is a US-based media outlet whose office was destroyed, and =US weapons and funds were used to destroy it, you'd think the WH would answer basic questions about whether the Israelis showed them intelligence proving Hamas was operating from that building. But no:"

An uncharacteristically stupid take from Tracey (this is better):  tweet:

"In general I think US-based advocates of Palestinian rights/interests would be well-served by avoiding cliched activist left-wing jargon. For example "white supremacy" is not really an issue here. Easy to make the relevant arguments rationally and with minimal extraneous ideology"

I say, smoke em if you've got em.  Or don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  If BLM is prepared to do the right thing and be one of the few to stand behind you, take it.  It s the Black-Brown alliance that terrifies (((Devils))) like (((Dersh))).

"What is Left for Palestine?" (Murray).

"CNN Fires Contributor After Hitler-Praising Tweets Spark Outrage" (Falun Gong).  We've all been there.  Sometimes the combination of Evil by the Devils, chutzpah over it, and bribed and blackmailed politicians - it is all just too much.  You know, insisting that they are the victims when they lock children in a cage and drop bombs on them.

We need a war artist of the quality of a Delacroix or David to do justice to the suffering.

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