Sunday, May 16, 2021

Something seriously wrong

Sadly, everybody in the West lives under a Khazarocracy, by far the worst, and most cruel, form of government:  "WATCH police using water cannon to disperse pro-Palestinian protesters in Paris". 

"Israel-Palestine: Meet the young Jewish ultra-nationalists stoking violence" (Masarwa).  Extraordinarily unpleasant looking human beings - if that is what they are - spewing unbelievable levels of hateful violence with a comical sense of self-justification based on supremacist mythology and outright lies (I'm assuming these lies are taught in the school system as they all spout exactly the same ones).  "Palestinians in Israel now face far right mob violence backed by the state" (Cook).  It is the political weaponization of settler craziness in order to keep Bibi out of jail.

"Palestine Before The Zionists Stole It" (Biblicism Institute).

Shlomo news:  "Democratic leadership stands with Israel" (Brown).

"Liz Cheney – soon to be an ex-congresswoman?" (Lang):

"Cheney is every bit as obnoxious as her dear ol’ dad. When she was an uber-flunky in the State Department during the run-up to Desert Storm I went to Foggy Bottom to visit her, just to see what she was like. I got the full treatment. She lectured me about the need to invade Iraq, the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of invading Iraq. She had never been to Iraq. As I have recounted in my memoir, “Tattoo” I was effectively a participant in the Iran-Iraq War. I tried repeatedly to explain to her that the people who attacked us on 9/11 had nothing to do with the Government of Iraq. She would have none of it and implied that there was something seriously wrong with me and that this was made clear by my non-acceptance of the neocon position."

The Intercept has reached the bottom, which is really saying something for an institution which was created to intercept truth from the people, and serve as a honeypot to entrap heroic opponents of the Deep State/intelligence apparatus:  "The Intercept: 8 Brave Journalists Repeatedly Risked Their Necks to Inform the American Public About a Massive Story Being Covered-Up by the Powers That be: Those 8 Underdogs Are BAD." (Sailer).  The people Mackey complains about are the only real journalists in Assholia, and Mackey, of course, can't possibly recognize that.  It is telling that he mentions, and then strawmans (with Soros), the question of who provided the logistics for Antifa (the U-Haul issue), and also points out how dangerous the work of these real journalists is (and then has the utter audacity to claim that these real journalists are making the work of 'journalists' more dangerous!!!!!!!).  I think we could call this 'mostly peaceful' 'journalism'.

Mad Pride.  "Libertarians To Begin Wearing Masks Now That Government Says They Don't Have To" (Babylon Bee).

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