Thursday, May 27, 2021

Speedy withdrawals

Nobody ever met Jeffrey Epstein, and certainly nobody received any payments from him.

"The Cover-Up Continues: The Truth About Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Jeffrey Epstein" (Webb).  A meticulous history of the numerous long-standing connections between the Gates and Clinton foundations (which seem to operate almost as one entity), the Maxwell sisters, and Bill Gates.

"How Israel’s violence is enacted through discriminatory land-use policies" (Katz/Yacobi).

Thread by Ariel Gold on the hiring by National Geographic of genocide promoter Gal Gadot to host a series about indigenous people being displaced.  To be fair, she is an expert on the subject.

Although the JYT has sometimes gone a little crazy recently, it is firmly back on (((track))):  "NYT published a press release on nuclear deal for Netanyahu and Iran hawks" (Armbrister).

Tweet (Patrick Howley) (don't forget Shlomo and his bags of shekels):

"American support for the Zionist nation state of Israel comes from political donations to politicians, Epstein-style blackmail operations, and the belief among some evangelicals that worship of Israel is necessary for the Rapture."

"Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Co-Conspirators To Testify Against Ghislaine Maxwell: Court Filing" (Durden).  CNN is getting the theme music composed for constant live coverage, hosted by Wolf.  It is going to terrify every politician in the country.

Tweet (Bari Weiss):
"I have heard half a dozen stories like this in the past week. Friends' hair dressers, trainers, editors saying they can no longer do business with them because they are Zionists."
For those disappointed that Nasrallah didn't take the opportunity to put out the trash:  "Nasrallah: Future violation of al-Quds will trigger regional war with Resistance Axis".  You could make the argument that the Khazars needed the first taste of rockets to set themselves up for unbearable levels of panic when the real missiles start raining down the next time Bibi makes a bid to stay out of jail.  The tickets are purchased and the bugout bags are ready for a mass exodus of the knowledge workers of Israel, leaving the shell of religious nuts to be picked apart at will.

"Turns out the military could do a speedy withdrawal from Afghanistan after all" (Vlahos):
"The New York Times is reporting that U.S. forces should be out of Afghanistan by July — a full two months before President Biden’s imposed Sept. 11 deadline, and two months after the original May 1 deadline under the Doha Agreement. 

Well, well, well. This kinds puts to rest all those hysterical warnings about the logistical nightmare the U.S. military would face if Biden went along with the total withdrawal of (2,500 troops) earlier this year. It just couldn’t be done, critics said. These things take time."

"The 'Lab-Leak' Theory Is Not Of Equal Value - Promoting It Furthers The China Hawks" (Moon).  The lesson to be learned is how absurdly easy it is to generate imperial PR by throwing a story into the (((media))) mix and having it selectively repeated by a few key 'journalists'.  Note also the recent 'UFO' story, intended to explain away panicked Assholian catch-up tests of new military hardware.

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